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Ever since I was a little girl I knew I had a mission. Rooted deep within was this knowing that I was here to help  celebrate women. To show them & the world how beautiful they are. You see, I have a gift, I have the ability to see people, like really see them. I see beyond the exterior, beyond the limiting beliefs, doubts, and fears. I see them for who they truly are & I'm able to reflect that back in an image.

It started when I was a little girl growing up in a small Midwest town. I was around four or five years old (or so my mom tells me) and I tried taking my dad's deck of "nudie cards" that he got in Vietnam to school with me for show and tell. When my mom busted me I told her...

"I'm just trying to show everyone the pretty ladies!"

Fast forward to college, I did my entire senior show based on a project I called "The Beauty of Women" [shown left]. I photographed over 50 women, ages 18-80 years old using a polaroid transfer process, much like the women each one original, each one unique. My project showcased the beauty within women of all different shapes, sizes, backgrounds & upbringings, the yummy stuff that makes us who we are. Each unique, each beautiful in our own way. I thought eventually I'd create a book and tell the stories of these women, I haven't yet… but celebrating women never left me. 

In 2007, I started my photography business & I began celebrating women through boudoir to heal my own body image issues. Photographing them helped me heal and fast forward to present day, I've come full circle and I've combined over a decade of experience photographing women, my background as a graphic designer & stylist together with my coaching & intuitive skills to help women celebrate themselves... The format has changed a bit over the years but throughout my entire life I've been on a mission to celebrate and share "The Beauty of Women" with the world.

Seeing Beauty Sessions podcast & photography mission. This mission comes from a deep seeded vision I’ve had since I was a little girl. Back in 2007 I graduated from UWO with a BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) in painting & photography. As part of my graduation requirements, I was to hold a senior art exhibition.

I decided to do a project I called “The Beauty of Women”. I photographed over 50 women from ages ranging from 18-80. Women of all different shapes, sizes, ethnicity & backgrounds. I wanted to tell the story of how we’re all beautiful, unique, and worth celebrating no matter what society tells us we should look like.

It’s our differences that make us unique and beautiful. The exhibition was as amazing as all of the women who were part of it! That was almost twelve years ago! Little did I know back then that this little project was part of a bigger mission.

Today, almost 12 years later, I'm back in the city where it all began & I'll be starting the tour here in the Midwest. I’m relaunching the project with a little extra spin on it. I’m photographing men & women and sharing their stories through a podcast I'm calling "Seeing Beauty Sessions".

I've seen the power and healing in storytelling and what it can do for others when we’re brave enough to tell our own stories.

My whole life I've known I'm meant to celebrate, inspire, and show the world just how beautiful & powerful women are and I think men's stories are just as important to share.

We all need to end self-hatred and embrace self-celebration as a collective. I believe when we love more we live more & we show up in the world more powerfully. When we feel confident we’re much more likely to show up in the world and share our gifts thereby making the world a better place.

For me sharing the beauty of women began when I was in kindergarten & I wanted to take my dad's nudie cards to school with me for show & tell. When my mom busted me I said very matter of fact, "I'M JUST TRYING TO SHOW EVERYONE THE PRETTY LADIES"! Then in 2007, I began photographing women through boudoir and serving them helped me heal from sexual trauma & abuse.

I know now after 12 years of photographing women that this is my purpose in life. To show the world & humans just how beautiful they are and share their stories of transforming pain into purpose. I believe in the power of storytelling and have seen first hand just how healing and transformative it can be. So I’m putting a call out to those who’d like to be part of what I feel will be an epic adventure in helping others heal.

Showing the beautiful resilience we are all capable of and that we can overcome whatever life throws our way & to help others heal along the way.

If you feel called to join in the revolution of men & women ready to end self-hatred and embracing self-celebration then I want you!


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