Love + Beauty... That is how I see the world. These are the stories that speak to my heart... I'm a hopeful romantic, a believer in the human spirit and see beauty in everything and everyone I meet... I love + adore celebrating women! I love showing women their own unique beauty and light. 

You know, that light that shines in all of us, the ones that friends and family seem to be able to see easily but we sometimes have a hard time acknowledging.


Need a boost of confidence? Need images for your personal branding images for coaching, photography or other business needs? Want to celebrate yourself with images that your grandkids can oogle over years from now? "Man grandma was a dish!" Need a kick ass dating profile image?  Book a session and .We respect your privacy and only those who'd like to be featured will be on THE BEAUTY OF WOMEN™ blog. All women featured have given full permission to be featured.


  • You need a confidence boost
  • Want to celebrate this time in your life
  • Online Dating Images that showcase your beauty
  • Personal branding needs (ie. coaches, photographers and other solopreneurs)



Boudoir . Fine Art Nudes

Boudoir makes a great gift and even more importantly is an amazing way to celebrate your beautiful self! Sessions are done in the privacy of your own home where we have your whole closet at our disposal and where I can help you create a unique an stylized look. For the brave of souls, sessions can also be done outdoors. I design these sessions based on individual comfort levels which we discuss in the consultation call.


  • You need a confidence boost
  • Want to celebrate your beautiful self
  • Pre-wedding, Wedding, Anniversary,  or Birthday Gifts



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About Beauty Photography




None of us are! Laurie marie  has worked with a large assortment of body types. A true artist can photograph literally any woman of any size. Put a bit of trust in me and I promise you wont be disappointed.


None of us are! Laurie marie  has worked with a large assortment of body types. A true artist can photograph literally any woman of any size. Put a bit of trust in me and I promise you wont be disappointed.


It is completely up to you but I highly recommend it. I work with top stylists in the industry who understand how makeup works with lighting and photography. Having hair and makeup done gives you an overall pretty and polished look!  Check out the before and afters from sessions past.

Still not sure yet, read what others are saying about their experience!


No worries. Laurie Marie works with you to create a perfect look! We will guide you each step of the way! With our complimentary style advice and preparation consultation we will help you create an oh-so-hot and stylish look!


Its perfectly natural to be nervous at first. Most women are. But have no fear we will work at your own comfort level and after a little bit of time you will feel completely comfortable and feel'n ah-mazing!


Over the last 10 years I've found women find a additional level of comfort being in their own home. It's also amazing to have your closet available to me so I can create something truly unique for you. I also love exploring new places. Photo adventure anyone?! Some women rent a boutique hotel, b&b, or borrow a friends house. Feeling brave?! We can do an outdoor nude/partial nude sessions in your favorite landscape (ocean, forest, mountains, river, desert). Beauty sessions can be done anywhere, give me a ring and we can discuss all of the details.



Editing takes time but typically depending on the time of year images take 1-2 weeks to be processed. If you choose to share images then a sneak peak will be shown in about a day or two. HAVE ANY MORE QUESTIONS, DON'T BE SHY I'M HAPPY TO HELP!


After the session I will be sending you a sneak peak within 5-7 days. Your images will be available and ready to view within 7-10 days. Once your images are complete you'll be sent a private online gallery with username and password. You will be the only one with this information unless of course you share it. If you need help with the ordering process, I'd be happy to walk you through the ordering/sales process via skype. I've got a no pressure approach, I want you to love your images. So much that you want to have them all! And you will, love them all! 


“Laurie Marie has her profession perfected. She immediately makes you feel comfortable and provides a non-judgmental environment to let your hair down (literally!) and have some fun. Whatever your intent is of your boudoir session, Laurie will cater to your comfort level. I suggest giving Laurie a call if you are feeling reluctant about choosing this type of session as you will see she truly wants to celebrate the beauty of all women." Jackie

Prior to my boudoir session, I will admit I was definitely nervous. Laurie Marie provided me with lots of info and tips beforehand, and on the day of completely helped ease any remaining nerves. She helped me through the entire session- it was a morning that felt like hanging out with girlfriends- great music, laughter, and feeling pretty! I had a great time and am excited to see the photos. I will certainly recommend to my friends- whether it's a boudoir session made for a significant other or made just to celebrate yourself! :) Lexie

Having my picture taken by Laurie Marie was a fantastic experience. I never had any pictures taken of me in a boudoir setting before and I was a little nervous. But Laurie Marie made me feel completely comfortable and it was a lot of fun! She was very professional and the pictures were amazing. I would recommend her to anyone! - Cassie

I was very nervous to do a boudoir session, but I really wanted to do one, so I spent a lot of time researching photographers. When I saw Laurie Marie's work, I was very impressed, and I was even more impressed after our consultation. At the shoot, she instantly made me beyond comfortable!!! She was so positive, and reassuring throughout the whole session! When looking at the pictures, I just kept saying "Is that really me?!?!?!". I could not be more pleased with Laurie Marie, the session, and the photos! I walked out of her studio with so much confidence, and feeling so good about myself! It was DEFINiTELY money well spent! I am more than happy I did this, and that I found the most amazing photographer! Thank you Laurie Marie! - Meghan

Ok... So I had my boudoir session. Very Nervous!!! Got all dolled up and then photo shoot time! Yikes!!! Let me tell you, the transition went from nervous to fun cuz by the time Laurie Marie said it's a wrap! I must've looked like a kid that had her lollipop stolen! I was having so much fun I didn't want it to stop! Aaaaand... I felt sexy and beautiful and confident. No words really explain it, but it was such a great feeling... I'll be carrying it with me forever! Love you Laurie Marie! 

It was such an incredible experience, something I never thought I would do! Laurie Marie is so accommodating by coming to your home which allowed me to feel more comfortable and at ease. She is so talented and has the ability to be creative and energetic on the fly. I'm so grateful to have worked with Laurie and encourage all to give it a shot. Thank you for helping me look at myself in another light and finding the beauty inside and out! - Brianna

My boudoir session was fantastic. Laurie made me feel so comfortable. From the moment I contacted her for information about this shoot and all through the process of ordering my prints, she was very attentive and helpful. She made me feel beautiful every step of the way. The images turned out amazing, even better than I could have ever imagined. I would recommend Laurie to any women to do this photo shoot. She was able to get my album together very quickly since I was working on a tight schedule. She is amazing!!! Krystal

I was excited from the beginning to do a boudoir shoot with Laurie because I saw the amazing things she can do with a camera when she shot our engagement photos. With that said, I was also nervous, no doubt about it! Not nervous about getting pictures of me taken for a few hours but nervous about my body and how it would look. Like every woman, I wanted to come across as beautiful on film and I was worried that it wouldn't happen simply because my body was not looking how I wished it would! As soon as the shoot began, Laurie made me feel comfortable and a couple hours flew right by! Every so often Laurie would show me one of the photos she had just taken and I couldn't believe it was me  what I saw on her camera was not the me that I saw in my head! Within a few days of the shoot Laurie had the photos ready to view  of course, I had the hardest time picking which photos were my favorites! My time and money has been well spent with Laurie. She and a camera combined work magic!
- Sarah

I had my photo session back in July of this year. I emailed Laurie Marie after seeing her news spot on NBC 26. My partner Marks birthday was coming up in August and I thought what a unique idea! Laurie Marie emailed me back and our date was set. Due to the fact I was having some home remodeling done, Laurie Marie set up the photo shoot at the Brayton B&B in Oshkosh. Amanda and I arrived at the same time and she got right to my hair and makeup. I normally don't wear a lot of makeup and Amanda did a beautiful job of balancing that with a dramatic look for the pictures. The photo shoot was next. I was nervous, but Laurie Marie put me at ease and soon she was clicking away and we were laughing like old friends. The pictures were all so gorgeous; I had such a hard time picking some out for the photo book for Mark. But with Laurie Marie's help, we got the book put together, and Mark LOVED it!!!But that photo shoot and book has became to mean so much more than a birthday present. In August I was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer. It has been an overwhelming couple of months. I just finished my first round of chemotherapy on Oct. 8, and as Mark and I look into the future of 5 more treatments, along with all of the side effects, this book is a reminder of the sexy, beautiful woman Laurie Marie brought out of me and will continue to be inside of me and with me through this journey.Thank you Laurie Marie for our time together and for sharing your gift with me.-XOXO Anne


"Doing this photo shoot was an awesome experience! Laurie made it so easy and so much fun! It also made me actually feel good about myself!  I would do this again in a heartbeat! It was a great experience and the images turned out better than I could have ever expected. Thanks so much!!" - Tiffany

Huge thanks to Laurie Marie for making me feel beautiful and sexy! I was very nervous - but with her laid back, fun and easy going attitude she really made me feel comfortable in practically nothing! She worked with what I had in my own home, making it a more personable experience - just goes to show you don't need a huge wardrobe or home to get beautiful boudoir pictures. I can't wait to give these to my husband-to-be on the day of our wedding!  Thanks again!" Polly

Thank you so much for the most amazing, Boudoir session experience.  I appreciate how willing you were to run with the airplane theme (something I knew my husband would love).  Your easy-going nature made me feel very comfortable and I felt you completely understood the style I was looking to capture.  During the shoot, I thought I would feel silly or awkward, but your direction and  helped me have fun and feel like a gorgeous, pin-up girl.  Upon seeing the proofs I was in disbelief at how beautiful you made me look.  I think the first thing I said was, "that's not me, is it?".  The image book I presented to my husband the night before our wedding was the perfect gift, he treasures it.  Occasionally I'll take a peek, just to remember that this thirty-something, soccer mom still has it going on!  I encourage all women to experience a Laurie Marie Elegant Exposures session, it's good for the soul (and the bedroom)! Thank you, Kelly 

Dave  (the groom)

"This photo shoot was the first time I have ever worked with Laurie before.  I was a little unsure what she expected from me, along with what I expected from her.  She made me feel so relaxed and comfortable during our session together, even if I wasn't a professional model.  In the end, I was so happy with the finished product and the service she had provided. She is a true professional and I would recommend her and her work to ANYONE! " - Liz

I absolutely loved my boudoir session with Laurie Marie.  To be honest, I was very nervous going into it.  I don't look like a supermodel by any means; I'm a little thicker and curvier of a girl.  I was definitely anxious about how I would look, but I have to say, I just saw the photos and they are absolutely incredible!  Laurie Marie gave me great direction in my poses and I can't believe how beautiful and sexy I look.  She also did an excellent job at putting me at ease.  Within a few minutes of starting, my butterflies were gone and I was relaxed, comfortable, and smiling.  I am so excited about the pictures and can't wait until my fiance gets his "little black book."  He's going to love it!  Thank you so much Laurie Marie for giving me the confidence to feel like a sexy bride (and woman)!  :-D  -Jennifer K.

My Boudoir photo shoot was an amazing experience!  It was a great way to spend a girls night out.  Laurie made us all feel relaxed and comfortable.  My pictures turned out beautiful and I can't wait to see the look on my husbands face when he opens his present.  Thank you Laurie for helping me give my husband a memorable gift for such a special birthday.  We will truly treasure this always.   -Sandra

I just want to say 'Thank You' for making me feel so special!  I am sure my husband in Iraq is going to love his special gift. While I set aside my 'mommy duties' for the afternoon, I was able to relax and enjoy time with my girlfriends. Getting all dazzled up sure helped me get in touch with my sexy side and prepare for my husbands return!  I recommend every woman do a shoot! Thank you so much!!! -Shannon

I was more than comfortable and very impressed with the professionalism and how fun Laurie Marie made my boudoir session! I am so glad I did it! I felt pampered and beautiful. She was really able to capture me celebrating being me and that's what I love the most when I look at my photos. Every woman should be able to love herself in her own skin and BE herself. Laurie captured me perfectly. This was honestly more of a gift for myself than my fiancé. And I am totally ok with that! :) - Kasey

Being photographed by Laurie Marie was such a great experience! I had so much fun and was really impressed with everything-from the studio to Laurie Marie herself and how comfortable she made me feel right from the beginning. She did an amazing job creatively as well, photographing small details and utilizing different spaces, like in the front of her studio, which turned out to be my favorite photos! I wanted to do a boudoir shoot just as something fun and liberating for myself, and I am so happy I did it. I will be sure to go back to Laurie Marie again in the future for other events and occasions-or perhaps another boudoir shoot :) Thanks again Laurie Marie! ~Jennifer

Being photographed by Laurie was a wonderful experience.  She made all of us feel very comfortable and relaxed.  As someone who is not naturally comfortable in front of the camera, this is saying a lot.  The pictures came out beautifully, and my husband absolutely loved them.  I highly recommend Laurie. - Karen

Laurie Marie has her profession perfected. She immediately makes you feel comfortable and provides a non-judgmental environment to let your hair down (literally!) and have some fun. Whatever your intent is of your boudoir session, Laurie will cater to your comfort level. I suggest giving Laurie a call if you are feeling reluctant about choosing this type of session as you will see she truly wants to celebrate the beauty of all women. - Jackie

"I just want to  say THANK YOU for the great experience that I had. I was so unsure of myself, but you made me feel so comfortable. I am a mom of Two little girls and I don't always get to feel just like a woman. And that is just how I felt that day even now when I see the photo's of me that you did, I ask myself who is that HOT CHICK?   It was wonderful. I would do it again and tell all my friends that they NEED  to have the same experience!! Thank you! "- Johni

Working with Laurie has been a great experience! I was a little nervous before the photo shoot because I had never posed for pictures before, but Laurie was very professional and made me feel extremely comfortable through the whole process! The environment was friendly and fun, and I couldn't have been happier with the way the pictures turned out. - Kristy


So right now your browsing the galleries looking at all these gorgeous pictures. Thinking to yourself "Yeah right! There is no way any photographer could make ME look that gorgeous". Well you would be wrong, however, I sat there saying the same thing as I viewed the galleries Laurie Marie has up. "Yeah right?!? These girls are models!" "There's no way I could look that sexy!", and I even scoffed at the testimonials too "Uh-huh suuurre you all of a sudden feel pretty...." However the pictures were GORGEOUS and I wanted to give my honey something no one else could, a snapshot of how he sees me, day in and day out, gorgeous. I have frankly never understood his attraction to me as I crawl out of bed, bed head and all. So I went to my session, nervous as heck! I saw my self in a different way, non sexy, uneven skin tone, baby belly from 3 kids... ect. As those words can out of my mouth Laurie quickly corrected me and banished them from the session. Only positive things allowed.  Immediately after hair and make up I was amazed at how I looked ( Thank you Amanda!! ). Amanda really knows what she's doing, I could see her evaluating the entire time she did make up and hair, no "standard" make up job I suspect. Then the shoot began, I genuinely appreciated that Laurie asked about comfort level and ideas, very understanding that everyone is different. Her quirky additive meshed well with me as I am quite quirky myself! Her energy and excitement was amazing and really made me feel absolutely fabulous about myself. Genuine compliments were given consistently as well. After only a few shots I forgot about all the nervousness I previously had. My shoot was awesome, gorgeous, and FUN! It was also very nice that she showed me some of the pictures as we were shooting. This lady sure knows how to boost a woman's confidence! While my shoot was awesome, the best feeling came after. The way I felt about myself had changed! I FELT gorgeous! Which is saying a lot for a mom of 3, who has NEVER had ANY self confidence. I'm still riding that confidence high, and quite frankly, I like it!  - April