My Grandmother passed Last week While I was Away...

his gorgeous woman is my grandmother. She passed recently at 89 years old. My grandma was and is a dish and I am sad to see her go. She's had been dying of cancer. 

What makes me even sadder than her passing from cancer?! The fact that she was 89 years old and still concerned with the number on the scale broke my heart! The fact that she's actually got excited that she lost 5 pounds not to long ago made me realize that if we don't learn to accept ourselves as we are that we die feeling like were not enough. 

It hurts my heart knowing that I myself wasted over two decades feeling like I wasn't enough. I'm so happy that I've learned to accept myself no matter what the number on the scale says. My beautiful grandmother who lived almost 9 decades was still worried about losing weight all the way up until her last day?!

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I'm On Patreon!

Today marks the second anniversary of when I head out on a journey to follow my heart and intuition. Read the story here. It all started with a trip to Bali in November of 2015, a loving ask and the support of so many loving people that helped me get there. Now I'm asking bravely again for the help of my supporters. I'm now on Patreon, a site designed for creators to be able to keep creating and for the people that love them and want to help them along the way. This is about Co-creating, it's about my Mission to help empower, inspire and put an end to women feeling trapped by there circumstances.

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Naked In Alaska

Naked in Alaska is raw, truthful & brought up a time in my life where I was part of that world. There was a time in my early 20s when I spent a lot of time at strip clubs. I had friends that were in the business, I'd go out with them and men would pay me to give the other strippers money. At the time I thought this was great, they'd buy me drinks, the attention felt great (even though it wasn't the kind of attention I truly desired) I’d dance which I’ve always loved. Like Valerie, I too was looking for belonging, connection, and as a struggling young single mom, the money was very tempting.

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Psychic Mediums Are Awesome But Don’t Forget to trust yourself

Thank God I discovered my gifts of being a psychic medium when I did. I can't imagine what it was like 50 years ago or shoot even 20 years ago. There's such a stigma around psychic mediums and I get it. There are people out there taking advantage of others, but just like any other industry, there are people who have integrity and people who don't. There are ethical photographers, psychic mediums, accountants, doctors, and attorneys and there are also unethical photographers, psychic mediums, accountants, doctors, and attorneys. Getting guidance from the right psychic can be amazing and I still encourage my clients to trust their own intuition. I believe in empowering my clients not putting my insight above their inner knowing.

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Are you brave enough to be who you are?

I've spent much of my life hiding my voice, hiding who I really am, and hiding in my body. This is ironic because, after my weight gain, it was harder to hide. I've been hiding my emotions, hiding the fact that I'm sensitive hiding that I'm strong hiding in front of the camera, as well as, behind the camera. Truth is I'm tired of hiding and even more tired of playing small...

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Are you collecting tickets?

Up until a few years ago I had a long history of keeping tabs or tickets as I like to call them on all the people who've done me wrong. I'd collect these minor or sometimes major infractions and put them away in a drawer until one day the drawer would be just too full and I couldn't take it anymore. I'd hold in my feelings, collect resentments and frustrations and then one day the person on the other side would receive their punishment which usually meant a lashing of words from my angry tongue and if they'd really push me I'd walk out of their life for good... Needless to say, I needed to find a healthier way to communicate.

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Did you have body image issues as a little girl? I know I didn't...

We aren't born with body image issues. We don't just come into this world hating ourselves and our bodies, in fact, I remember loving my body when I was little. I'd dance, swing my arms and legs in funny directions wiggling all over the place and never thought, gee my fat sure jiggles a lot! No, I celebrated myself and my body. It wasn't until I got into end of elementary into middle school that I became aware of "what others" saw as what was wrong with my body. It all starts with...

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22 Signs You Might Be Having Your Spiritual Awakening

On the path to soul growth some of us go so far in our evolution process that we go through what is called our spiritual awakening. It's a time when we awaken to our patterns, behaviors and live from a place of consciousness. A place of mindfulness and self awareness. There are often signs leading up to the souls awakening, here are just a few that I've experienced through my awakening.

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Louise Hay Paid Us A Visit The Other Night!

It was around 3 am last Thursday, the night of the full moon. I heard tapping on the window sill, the fan was blowing the plastic rod from the blinds against the wall. That's what woke me up and then at 3:16 am the TV went on in the living room and it was blaring as loud as I think it could possibly go.  At first, I thought maybe it was my roommates, sometimes they watch TV really loud but then I realized the voice I was hearing sounded familiar, it was the voice of Louise Hay.  I thought to myself “they don't know who she is, why would they be watching her?”

So I got up and went out into the living room, all the lights were on, no one was up and on the giant TV screen was this image of Louise Hay and her video on positive affirmations was playing all by itself...

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