10 Ways To Calm Pre-PhotoShoot Jitters

Being on the other side of the camera can feel scary, believe me I know. In fact it took me almost 9 years to allow someone to turn the camera back on me. Yes, I said it 9 years… Photographers are notorious for hiding out behind the camera. So trust me when I say I know what you’re going through and I’ve overcome my fears and insecurities around being photographed and I promise you can overcome your fears around it too.


After photographing hundreds if not thousands of women over the years I’ve picked up some tips along the way to help you calm those pre-photo shoot jitters both from observation and through my own experiences.


    This is THE number one tip I have for you. No matter how pretty the photos or how much you love that one photo on their website, it’s important to feel comfortable with your photographer right off the bat. Chose a photographer who makes you feel super comfortable! If you feel any hesitation or you sense any red flags honor yourself and your intuition and keep searching. Pay attention to how they speak to you, are they rude or do they seem annoyed with answering your questions? If so move on! Any photoshoot can feel super vulnerable and bring up all of your insecurities so the last thing you need is a photographer who is anything but welcoming, kind, and compassionate.


    Your photographer should be able to walk you through their entire process happily answering any questions you have. Their job is to not only take amazing images of you but to make you feel at ease with the process. Prior to the shoot you should have a pretty good understanding of how it’s all gonna go down. That’s what an expert does. My intention is to have the only thing my client worries about that day is bringing her outfits and having fun! That’s it!


    Although it may be tempting to drink before a session to calm nerves, I don’t recommend it. This is an experience you’ll want to remember and being in your body for it is an important part of the process. Not only will the session help boost your confidence but it will show you you’re strong & braver than you think you are… You’ll want to be fully present for that.


    Drink water and tons of it. Drink all you want the day leading up to the shoot. It will not only give you glowing radiate skin but it will help you feel more grounded during your session.


    Anytime you begin to feel nervous or unsure of yourself just slow down and take a breath. Breathing is an amazing way to not only bring you back into your body but will help you calm down and get centered. Take three deep breathes or continue as often as you need to and keep going! You’re doing great!


    Again it’s important to be present and try to stay in your body. When you’re in your body you’ll be able to focus more on relaxing instead of focusing on all the things your heads telling you your “doing wrong.” Get into your body, breathe, and feel the emotion you wanna create. Wanna feel sexy or sensual, remember a time when you most felt that way. Wanna feel playful or joyful? Think of a time you felt most joyful or playful. Your photographer should be able to help bring out these feelings and emotions from you but if you’re having a difficult time, check in with yourself and get back into your body and remember to breathe…


    Chances are like many of us… somewhere along the way some photography experience left you feeling unsure and insecure. Whether it be that Aunt with a camera trying to go pro, a sibling who told us we look stupid in photographs or the school photographer that told us we we’re “doing it wrong” and hurry it up. We all have had some various forms of photo trauma. Maybe not… Maybe you’ve just always felt a certain way about your body or your hair or your smile or those freckles. Whatever your background, whatever your photo trauma, whatever pieces of you you haven’t always loved, it can be different. It is different and now is the time to acknowledge that even after all of that you are still getting behind the camera lens. That is worth celebrating! Too many women aren’t present in family photos or pictures with their friends because of these insecurities, that’s something I’m on a personal mission to change! It starts with you, right here, right now. Give yourself credit for showing up and doing a session despite all of the reasons your fear may be telling you otherwise!


    Before your session spend some time looking at yourself in the mirror and find one or two things about yourself that you like or admire. Maybe it’s your eyes or maybe the curve in your neck. Maybe you’ve got amazing locks, whatever you fancy about yourself, take some time to admire your own beauty. Taking a moment to get familiar with your own beauty will help you feel a bit more at ease come shoot time. When your brain wants to tell you what’s wrong with you, use this exercise to remind yourself just how beautiful you are. Use your own beauty as a touchstone to return to your heart.


    Take a moment the day before your session and remind yourself of how awesome you are! Write down all of the ways you’re rocking life! All of your accomplishments and all of the ways you’re amazing! Write down at least 50 ways you are an awesome empowered and brave babe!


    Prior to & during your shoot time give yourself the gift of NO NEGATIVE talk. Surround yourself with positivity especially the day of. So give yourself a dance party and get your vibe right. Listen to some comedy or anything that helps get you in a joyful & positive state. Starting your session in a high vibe will help you ride the wave throughout the shoot.

When you challenge yourself in new ways and you keep showing up to show more of your beautiful self you’ll bust through those barriers that want to keep you small. Being photographed and showing up wherever you are is one of the most loving things you can do for yourself. I honor and acknowledge your bravery and know that you will come out of this experience braver, stronger, and more confident than ever before!