10 Ways To Start Loving Your Self Now

1. MAKE TIME FOR YOURSELF We’re so busy these days. Make time for yourself a priority. Give yourself what my friend Jenna calls it "Goddess Hour". Give yourself one hour in the day to pamper and spoil yourself. Take a bath, buy yourself some flowers or go for a walk at your favorite park. Figure out what it is you enjoy and spend an hour or so doing it. 

2. BE COMPASSIONATE Give yourself a break already. Life can be challenging already, do you really need to add to it by beating yourself up. Know that you and everybody else is truly doing the best they can with the tools they've got. So be gentle with yourself, have compassion and be kind to yourself and your body. Be mindful of your thoughts… make them good ones!

3. GIVE YOURSELF CREDIT You're doing better than you think you are and be sure to give yourself credit for all of the amazing things you do in a day. Any time you do something risky or challenge yourself in any way, your stepping outside of your comfort zone so be sure to give yourself the credit you deserve. You are braver than you know.

4. GIVE THANKS Thank your body for all it can do for you. Start from the top of your head down to your itty-bitty toes. Thank your body for all the amazing things it allows you to do.

5. INTENTION Set an intention to support your self-love journey. Setting an intention can help you stay on track especially on days where you mess up a bit. It's ok btw, it happens. Remember you can make a new choice the very next second. I used to think when I messed up my day by eating something crappy that it was all over. I'd sabotage the rest of the day and sometimes the whole week. I'd tell myself "I'll start again on Monday" and it was only Wednesday. What I came to realize is that I have the freedom to choose the instant I mess up and to not make it a big deal. I now practice compassion and start again. Having an intention in those moments can help you move forward and refocus back to your goals.

6. ACT LIKE SHE'S YOUR BFF If anyone treated their best friend the way we treat our bodies at times, we would have no friends. Treat your body like you'd treat your BFF give her love, attention, and support her with compassion. You be good to her (your body) and she'll be good to you.

7. CELEBRATE Take time to celebrate all of your wins, big or small. Often I'd realize that I wouldn't give myself credit or celebrate my wins. I would accomplish something and move right on to the next thing without really acknowledging that I achieved something pretty cool in the first place. Even the little wins matter. I remember when I started doing yoga and for the first 6 months I couldn't do flying crow but one random day all of a sudden I could! It was such an amazing feeling, I was so pumped that I was able to do it and made sure to give myself a little victory dance to celebrate!

8. STOP THE BEATINGS No one ever did anything great while beating themselves up. Stop being so hard on yourself. You are doing your best and beating yourself up just makes you feel worse. I know when I used to beat myself up I'd feel worse after, it didn't motivate me to be better or do better. It left me feeling depressed, sad and worse than I was before. 

9. FOCUS ON YOUR FAVS What do you love about yourself? Your eyes, your hair, could it be your legs or your butt.... Try to focus on the parts of you that you love most at first and then gradually find other things you love. Write a list of all the ways your body supports you throughout the day and see how you feel about those not so favorite parts once you spend some time loving on them.

10. QUIT COMPARING All bodies are beautiful. Stop comparing yours to another. Everyone is meant to be unique and we are united in our differences. Celebrate your uniqueness as well as others. Comparing is the thief of joy.