22 Signs You Might Be Having Your Spiritual Awakening


22 Signs You Might Be Having Your Spiritual Awakening

1. Desiring To Discover + Uncover Who You Really Are & What You're Capable Of

I began to get really curious about myself and my behaviors. I found myself wondering the self-help section at Barnes & Nobles. I began listening to my heart’s callings and it feels as though I'm being pulled towards things I desire and dream of.

2. More Awareness of Old Patterns & Behaviors

I have more of an awareness of how I  behave and started to recognize certain patterns that show up over and over again. I have figured out what triggers me or sets me off and the way my fear shows up (i.e. How I react to things).

3. Desire for Deeper More Meaningful Connections

Small talk doesn’t quite cut it anymore talking about things like the weather feels even less meaningful than before. There’s a desire for more deep and meaningful conversation more so than yo man how many shots of tequila did you down last night?!  There’s a bigger drive and desire for deep connection in relationships whether it be romantic or otherwise.

4. Loss In The Desire For The Superficial or Anything That Doesn't Feel Authentic

The club just doesn’t appeal to you like it used to. Drinking and getting fucked up doesn’t appeal to you like it once did. I was able to read people who were superficial or that feel fake the second I'd meet them (this was an ability I've always had but became heightened during my awakening.)

5. I Realized I Was An Empath

The more I started to develop my intuition and learn about my gifts, the more I came to realize that I was an empath. Being an empath meant that I was taking on or feeling the energy of others. My whole life I felt that I could feel what others were feeling, I thought everyone could. I had no idea that only 2 to 3% of the population are empaths and 15 to 20% are highly sensitive people.  It's why I had to get clear on what my energy felt like, what energy didn't belong to me and learn techniques on how to manage and protect my own energy. I learned how to distance myself from energy vampires or people that drained my energy. Learning things helped me greatly with my feelings of anxiety, overwhelm, and stress because now I know how to manage end care for my own energy and when I need to clear my own energy.

6. Friendships Change

I began to notice that friendships that once seemed energy giving are actually energy draining. Typically they were very one-sided and giving all my energy to them without it being recipricated was something I just couldn't tolerate any longer. The people I used to once feel good around don't feel so good anymore. I found myself stepping further away from relationships that left me depleted. I began to desire like minded people and started the search for my soul tribe.

7. Finding Like Minded People Feels Essential To Your Existence

Soul tribes are an important asset to my support system. Searching for people and relationships of like minded people has become one of my life lines. Having people who share similar mindsets and beliefs feeds my soul and lifts me up. I can talk for hours on end having deep meaningful conversations.

8. Hypersensitivity

Sounds become louder, your 5 senses become extra heightened and can feel super activated. Eyes can become super sensitive to light and sounds that were once soothing can sometimes annoy the crap out of you. My once relaxing mani/pedi now gets interrupted by that part where I have to hold my breath and tighten my entire body because I’ve become so damn ticklish that I’m afraid I’ll kick the poor lady or man in the face.

9. Desire To Develop Your Intuition More

Once I started to discover my gifts and listen to my intuition more, I had a burning desire to learn all I could about developing my gifts. I read books, watched videos, attended weekly classes for a few years, I just couldn’t get enough. I’d practice doing readings on friends and did all I could to up my intuitive game.

10. Increased Synchronicities or Magic Moments As I Like To Call Them

As I’ve become more aware or awake I also started to notice all of the little magical moments of synchronicity. I  see where the bread crumbs lead and how everything is interwoven and interconnected. It’s incredible and I’ve got some amazing stories I’ll share with you another day.

11. I Started and Continue To See 11:11 All The Freaking Time lol

This is just a given. 11:11 becomes an everyday occurrence and I can’t help but notice it. A.M. or P.M. it doesn’t matter I glance at the clock and there it is.

12. More Awareness + Sensitivity To Food, Caffeine, Alcohol & Other Substances

Through this process, I’ve become certain foods and even more so to caffeine. I used to be able to drink caffeine all day long and now I need to cut myself off by 10 am or I’ll be up until 4 am.

13. Change in Sleep Patterns

In my experience, I'll wake up in the middle of the night and have massive downloads (as I call them--information downloads from spirit). I’ll have a one or two-hour chunks of time where I wake up in the middle of the night and just write down all of the information coming through me and then return to sleep.

14. More Freedom From Worry, Doubt, and Fear

My awakening has given me a greater (bird's eye view so to speak) perspective on things. As long as my energy is in balance and I’m feeling centered (which means my self-care game is on point), I’m able to look at situations for what they are. I don’t blame or shame I’m able to see that the individual is just trying to get a need met and I’m able to forgive easier. That’s not to say I tolerate bad behavior, but it’s to say that I know deep within my soul that no one is really trying to do me harm or hurt me. I can see it with fresh eyes and know that the things I’m experiencing are happening for me, not to me.

15. There Is A New Appreciation For All Living Things

I’ve had a challenging time throughout this process not thinking about how every living thing matters. I’ve always been a meat eater and in the last 9 months or so, I’ve been feeling a strong moral dilemma with eating meat. I’ve felt drawn closer and closer to a vegetarian/vegan way of eating and for the most part do. Hell, the thought of killing any living creature get’s harder to do whether it’s a fly or a spider, all things play a role and have a purpose and now I can’t help but think about that. Damn! I really did love bacon--but even bacon had a mom. Shit!

16. I Just Can’t Get Down With The Drama Game Any Longer

I can’t stand drama anymore not on tv, not in the news and not in relationships. I just don’t have any more room or tolerance for it. Sure at times I might make a choice to watch some “Orange Is The New Black” or some “Shameless” but in the end I end, up feeling sad knowing that people actually live like that and then I quickly realize that I just don’t have space for it in my life.

17. I Started To Realize That Life Truly Is About The Little Things

It’s the little things that make up the beautiful and delicious experiences in life. I’ve had more gratitude for all of the little moments more so than ever. I used to be so eager to get to the destination that a lot of times I was missing the journey. Now, I have no idea where the journey will lead, but I’m enjoying every step of the way and allowing my heart to lead.

18. Feeling Peace Comes From Feeling Your Feelings

Over the last few years, I’m no longer able to hide, shove down or stuff my feelings. They are felt fully & vulnerably and I have no shame about it. Feeling the yuck is the only way to come back to a joyful and peaceful place for me.

19. Desire And Focus To Help Make The World Better

For me, this has always been there, as a little girl I always had a feeling or sense that I would help make the world better. A few years ago this feeling got a lot more intense and the voice got a lot louder. I had a super strong sense that I wanted to do more and help more, but I knew it wasn’t going to happen by taking on more weddings, six months later I heard the term life coach and began my journey to become one. I was being given the breadcrumbs to follow the path I was always meant to be on. Every step has brought me more clarity as to what  I’m meant to be doing.

20. Babies And Animals Seem To Be Drawn To You

Babies and animals have always been friendly with me, but since my awakening, it seems like I’ve become the new found baby and fur baby whisperer. It feels as though they can’t stay away like they can’t keep their eyes off of me. Both are highly sensitive to energy because I’m living at a higher vibe, they’ve become like a moth to a flame. My energy pulls them in and they just wanna be around me.

21. I Use My Voice More

Things that I used to let slide and wouldn’t voice my opinion about, I am no longer able to hold in anymore. I used to keep everything inside and now I can’t seem to keep my mouth shut when I really need to express myself. I’ve  noticed too that I can longer tolerate behaviors from others that at one time I didn’t think much about. Boundaries are clearer and I too feel more confident and willing to express them.

22. Numbers, Symbols, & Animals Become A Thing…

Seeing numbers like 222, 444, and other numbers that won’t go away have become a recurring site in my day to day life. For me 222 and 11:11 are numbers I see often. Hearts for me are another symbol I see on the daily. All little signs from the divine that they’re with me. Animals now take on a whole new meaning, when I see a snail, opossum, or a hummingbird randomly I look up the spiritual meaning behind each animal. Often times its message is relevant to what’s happening in my life at the time.