Burn Out Is Not A Badge Of Honor

Somewhere along the line, I lost sight of what matters to me most. I forgot to connect back to myself the last few months and as a result, I fell back into the patterns that keep me small, make me want to stay under the covers and hide from the wall.

As well as the ones that keep me chained to my laptop from sun up to sun down. I stopped playing, stopped adventuring, stopped connecting to myself and to source. As a result, I felt like I was being put in a prison of my own making. The last couple of months I've gotten some strong reminders and those lessons helped me remember who I am and why I'm here... because the truth is we forget. 💖

Gorgeous Mural by  West Kim

Gorgeous Mural by West Kim

Being on a spiritual path isn't always easy and it's rarely certain. It requires a lot of faith, trust, and reminders. At the heart of all of it all, we are meant to do and be what comes easiest to us. We are meant to play and follow our hearts/intuition! For me, that's creative expression, play, sharing how I see beauty in the world and which adds more love + beauty into the world. 💖

It seems all too easy yet that's what my soul is calling me to do so I'm gonna take a leap of faith and try it! I'm gonna do things with ease and surrender to it all! It's scary because ever since I was a teenager I've been pushing, forcing, and struggling to make things happen... but I've done that and I know where that leads (burnout + unhappiness).

I'm trying something new... something a lot less certain. I'm connecting to my divine feminine nature and leading from there... Let's see where this road goes?!

A question for you my friend? What comes easy to you and what have you been avoiding? I'd love to hear from you in the comments below! 💖

love me anyways