Beyond Boudoir is what I’m calling it and it’s just that. It’s going beyond the “gift for him” experience and giving a gift for yourself.

It’s a gift to say “I’m worthy of love, of feeling beautiful, and celebrating that beauty.”

It’s an experience of coming home to yourself and finding a different level of self-acceptance for yourself.

It’s being witnessed in your beauty and power.

It’s an experience of saying I am enough! I don’t need to change a thing, I don’t need to lose 10lbs first, I don’t need to be different than I am. It’s a healing of the way you see yourself, a gift.

Zoua gave herself that gift yesterday and we had so much fun together

It was beautiful to witness the array of light that emanates from this beautiful being.

She allowed me to see her in all her beauty. There was laughter, tears, sadness, joy, ice-cream lol and it was all beautiful 💕.

Thank you Zoua Plia Thao for allowing me to witness you and reflect what I see back to you and for introducing me to peach-strawberry sundaes from Culvers. 💕