Catching Up with Jennifer Lloyd


I’m so excited to share someone special with you today on the blog. She’s been a mentor to me over the years and a friend. It’s Jennifer Lloyd and I got a chance to catch up with her during our last session together. We’ve been watching each others journey’s unfold and through the ups and downs we make it a point to connect when we can.

I first met Jennifer at the beginning of my spiritual journey. I randomly [not so randomly] came across her at The Natural Boutique in Neenah while shopping for some crystals or essential oils or something, I love that store so who knows what was calling me that day. lol I saw Jennifer was doing readings and henna that day so I decided to give it a whirl. That was just the beginning of our time together.

Then over the course of that year I went to Jennifer for mentorship and learned to develop & hone my spiritual gifts. I even did a gallery at her home one evening and recognized quickly that it wasn’t for me. lol Not her fault, I just discovered galleries were’nt for me… too much pressure. Although maybe it had to do with my fear of public speaking? lol


I’ll always be grateful for Jennifer and her wisdom, she was part of my journey during a major time of transition in my life and her support and love helped make it all a bit easier to move through. That was at the beginning of my California adventure and now over two years later I’m back in the Midwest and so we once again came together and did another session. It had been a few years since I last photographed Jennifer and her transformation has been incredible! I’ve never seen her brighter and lighter than I see her now. It’s so thrilling to watch!


Oh and not only does this beauty work in the spiritual realm [reiki, readings, coaching] but she also does a wicked head of hair. lol She’s very versatile. Find all the ways to follow Jennifer & her journey below.


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