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10 Ways To Calm Pre-PhotoShoot Jitters

Being on the other side of the camera can feel scary, believe me I know. In fact it took me almost 9 years to allow someone to turn the camera back on me. Yes, I said it 9 years… Photographers are notorious for hiding out behind the camera. So trust me when I say I know what you’re going through and I’ve overcome my fears and insecurities around being photographed and I promise you can overcome your fears around it too. After photographing hundreds if not thousands of women over the years I’ve picked up some tips along the way to help you calm those pre-photo shoot jitters both from observation and through my own experiences.

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How To Prepare For Your Next Boudoir Shoot!

So you’ve done it or you’re thinking of doing it! You’ve decided to be brave and take the plunge! You’re ready to dive into the deep end of the photography swimming pool and have a boudoir session! Now what?! How do I prepare for a boudoir session? What will I wear? What the heck do I do with my hands?! OMG, what have I gotten myself into? No worries Brave Beautiful One! I’m going to ease your mind and calm your fears. This is a question I’ve been asked hundreds of times over the last decade and I’m here to help ease your mind. Please keep in mind that each photographer is different and their processes are different of course so you’ll want to find out from your photographer what they recommend. For my beauties, this is what I tell them…

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