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12 Steps To Move Through A Dark Night of The Soul Episode

I had an experience with what I’ve heard others refer to as the “dark night of the soul”. The moment when it feels that all is hopeless. When you can’t see the point in going on, when you feel as though nothing matters and who are you really helping anyways. Never before had I experienced such a dark time and let me tell you, it was scary. Especially since I’ve never experienced feelings of depression or sadness before. I learned a lot from that experience as well as different techniques to help move through it.

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Okay so now you've had your spiritual awakening, now what?  Having a spiritual awakening is not a linear process you don't really know you're in one until you've gone out of one. I know for me it took a while to even realize what was happening. It took time to fully understand what was happening. So know that it's totally normal not to have it all figured out. Here are six steps you can take to move you forward on your spiritual path.

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No, I'm not talking about going to your room grounding, I'm talking about the get right in your body, center yourself, and your energy type grounding.

You may be thinking "why would I need to ground myself?" Grounding helps get you prepped for the day. Also helps keep unwanted energy from coming at yeah and just gets you off to a great start! Below are a few simple tips to get cha grounded and ready for the day!

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Sometimes no guidance is guidance. It’s a sign that it’s not time to move forward. Once it’s time you’ll know. I was reminded of this today by my spirit guides. I had been feeling a bit anxious knowing that in October (which will be here before we know it) our time in our Eagle Rock place will be up and I hadn’t been given any solid intuitive hits on what’s next. 

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Burn Out Is Not A Badge Of Honor

Somewhere along the line, I lost sight of what matters to me most. I forgot to connect back to myself the last few months and as a result, I fell back into the patterns that keep me small, make me want to stay under the covers and hide from the wall... Ever since I was a teenager I've been pushing, forcing, and struggling to make things happen... but I've done that and I know where that leads (burnout + unhappiness). I'm doing things differently this time around...

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My Interview with the Lovely Ladies of Fempowered Tribe!

This past Friday I was featured as a guest speaker with the lovely ladies of FemPowered Tribe! Alanna Lousie & Kristen Brenkus were so kind to have me come on and share what I do, tips on how to hire your next photographer and why it's important. I also shared a bit about my story for the first time in a live interview! It was really empowering and exciting to see how far I've come in my journey and here I am talking about how I myself have turned my own pain into purpose. 

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Build someone else's dreams or start building yours!

When I was a teenage single mom my only concern was surviving and now looking back I feel that I missed so much of my sons growing up. All of those little beautiful in-between moments that I can’t get back. 

I don’t blame myself, it was where I was at during that time. Working 2-3 jobs, going to school full time... running myself ragged trying to create some sense of security for us. 

Even at that time, no matter how little we had, we ALWAYS had our needs met. What I’ve come to learn since that time is that our needs have always and will always be met. So why not take a chance and build your dream?!

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Psychic Mediums Are Awesome But Don’t Forget to trust yourself

Thank God I discovered my gifts of being a psychic medium when I did. I can't imagine what it was like 50 years ago or shoot even 20 years ago. There's such a stigma around psychic mediums and I get it. There are people out there taking advantage of others, but just like any other industry, there are people who have integrity and people who don't. There are ethical photographers, psychic mediums, accountants, doctors, and attorneys and there are also unethical photographers, psychic mediums, accountants, doctors, and attorneys. 

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22 Signs You Might Be Having Your Spiritual Awakening

On the path to soul growth some of us go so far in our evolution process that we go through what is called our spiritual awakening. It's a time when we awaken to our patterns, behaviors and live from a place of consciousness. A place of mindfulness and self awareness. There are often signs leading up to the souls awakening, here are just a few that I've experienced through my awakening.

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How do you get into the pool?

I believe how you get into a pool is a great metaphor for life. Me, I've always just gone for it, knowing it might be really cold but knowing that ultimatley I'll warm up if I just keep moving. I'm jumping in cannonball style because that's how I jump into all areas of my life. I'm jumping in boldly + bravely and deep down I know that whatever comes my way I'll pull through because I always pull through.

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