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What started as a senior project has developed into a reimagined mission to show men & women and the world just how beautiful they are. Almost 12 years after this project began, I'm back in the city where it all started & I'm kicking off a Midwest tour sharing stories & photography of men & women to promote the power of transformation and healing.

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The Beauty of Women: Laura's Story of Connecting To What Matters

The most difficult thing I think is the decline of my marriage and the long ramp up to my divorce. The man I chose was one of the kindest hearted tender people that I ever met. We both came from divorced backgrounds and no security around a committed relationship. We were young when we met and simply decided to promise each other that love would conquer all- even though we had no skills or role models with any success to guide us- we decided that we would form a marriage and family where respect, passion, and communication would guide us.

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