Coffee Is Better With Friends...


Before leaving for Maui I got a little surprise in the mail from Jenna and Mastin so I wanted to take this moment and remember how it is I met Mastin and Jenna. I was looking through Instagram one day and I came across a daily love. I thought that's something I could get into. And so I followed it. And then I kind of forgot about it. A few weeks later I was in a bookstore and the book the daily love jumped out at me. I bought it brought it home and kind of forgot about it for a few days. Then I picked it up a few days later and started reading it I got three chapters in and thought to myself I really need to check out his website I really join us. So I went on his website and saw enter the heart retreat probably. I watched the video and could not stop crying, it felt as though my soul was being called to it it felt as if my heart had been grabbed and pulling me towards it. But at this time I had invested so much in my education I didn't think it was possible to go to Bali.

So I thought that was that. I was wrong. I kept having probably come up with my meditations in my dreams, In my inbox, it wouldn't go away. So then I rationalized applying I thought well I'll apply and see how much it is. I applied and got the call from Jenna Jenna and we had a beautiful conversation and she can be there if possible. She felt that my energy needed to be there with the energy of people that were going to be there. And I told her Jenna everything to be in my meeting is telling me I need to be there but the reality between my soul and my bank account space is different.

She said I understand what I like to do in the situations is get on my meditation pillow and ask God or the universe whatever you believe in to show me how to make it happen. Still, after our call, that's what I did I got back go fund me and create an e-book. At first, when I heard go fund me I thought all hell no! I thought people are just going to think I'm trying to get a free vacation. What I got back was no if you tell your story and come from the heart people will show up. So one Sunday night back in November I wrote my story. I bought the entire time writing your story all in one place especially the hard stuff can be very overwhelming and I thought that I was now going to put it out to the world was terrifying.

My parents did not know part of my story. It took me about two hours to write and a lot of Kleenex but I did it and right before I did I had my husband proofread it and I asked him to hold my hand as I hit send. At one point he asked are you sure you want to send this it's pretty personal and I said yes I have to. Not doing it felt like calling for 911 and then refusing to go to the hospital. Let's just say it wasn't an option. So I held my breath and cried some more and hit send and continue to cry for the next several hours but within 10 minutes I had my first donation. And within a week I had enough money to get me to Bali I had raised $4800 of the 12,000 I cannot believe the amount of support and people who showed up. It was such an overwhelming feeling to know that people we're willing to help me get to Bali and achieve my dream.

That dream led me to Maui at the end of the enter the heart retreat Mastin introduced the wealthy healer retreat and the timing couldn't be more perfect. This is been an incredible journey of following my intuition and following my path. I'm so grateful to all the people who help me get here and to Jenna, Mastin and Mastin's team. Thank you all for the continued love and support. I'm so excited to see what's next and I can't wait to reunite with everyone in Maui! Oh, what a trip it's been!

xo- Laurie Marie