Did you have body image issues as a little girl? I know I didn't...

little me

We aren't born with body image issues. We don't just come into this world hating ourselves and our bodies, in fact, I remember loving my body when I was little. I'd dance, swing my arms and legs in funny directions wiggling all over the place and never thought, gee my fat sure jiggles a lot! No, I celebrated myself and my body. It wasn't until I got into the end of elementary into middle school that I became aware of "what others" saw as what was wrong with my body. 

When I was a little girl I never had body image issues. It wasn't until boys started commenting on my body around 6th grade that I started to become very aware of my curves. The around my teens I started getting attention for those same curves. Later those same curves got me into trouble and then in my early twenties I was sexually assaulted and my curves doubled in size. After that spent over a decade hating my body. I cursed it, wanted to change it, at the time I wished I could swap it out or cut things off. It wasn't good. I believe I had what is called body dysmorphia.

Four years ago I started to turn it all around. I began loving and caring for myself. I started coming home to myself.

I've learned to love my body over time and some days there are still feelings of frustration but those feelings of frustration have got nothing to do with my body and everything to do with me allowing someone else's opinion of my body to matter.

Someone always had some opinions of what my body should look like or what it does look like in their eyes. I was either too sexy or not sexy enough, too skinny it too fat. Left to other people's opinions I was either so enough or not enough.

The truth is the only opinion that ever really mattered was my own.

πŸ’•I am enoughπŸ’•

You are enough and don't let anyone else tell you different! Other people's opinions of you is none of your business.

And to the Mommas out there:

πŸ’• teach your babies that they and their bodies are beautiful no matter what anyone ever says to them

πŸ’• instill a strong understanding of what it means to love your body and all the gifts it brings, all of the wonderful things it allows us to do and how we should be grateful for it always

πŸ’•teach your babies by being an example of this for yourself. As I know all too well, children watch what you do, not what you say

Please share this with anyone you know that could use some love for their body πŸ’•

xo- laurie marie