Don't give up on your dreams before they come true


I once found a baby turtle egg, I was about 4 or 5 years old and thought that if I put it in a cup and covered it with sand, gave it lots of love, and warmth that it would hatch. Unfortunately, it never did and I was devasted & never tried again.

Over the last year, I've struggled with starting over in business. I had a challenging time bringing all of my gifts together and got really confused & disheartened at times.

I realized that I was treating my business like a turtle egg instead of a seed. I'd put something out and it seemingly failed so I'd give up (for a bit) and then try again once my ego could handle it. I was taking it personally allowing it to determine my self-worth and I'd get disheartened over and over again. Instead of keeping at it. Sometimes I'd talk about it once, get little to no response and give up.

I've come to realize recently that when it comes to starting over in my business I need to treat it more like a seed. A seed needs consistent watering and nourishment and takes time but eventually, a tiny little sprout appears.

However, it doesn't mean the work is done. It just means you're getting started! It means you can actually see something starting to happen. This is where I'm at, I'm finally starting to see things sprout and it's helped me see that showing up consistently is key. No hiding, no giving up (even temporarily), not giving in and doing it in a way that feels good to me! It needs nourishment every single day and I can't take it personally.

I share this with you to say treat your business or anything you're creating in your life as a seed. Even if you can't see the results just yet, it will grow my friend, don't give up. 💖

xo- laurie marie

P.S. Don't take anything personally it does not determine your worth as a soul & remember you're planting seeds, not turtles.🐢