We're calling it our Year of Freedom Tour! I've been feeling the pull & Antonio has too, so we're just 4 short weeks away from heading off on a year-long adventure to explore our hearts & intuition all while fulfilling my mission. We're spending a year traveling and sharing our adventures along the way.

I've known I've had a mission to celebrate women for a long time now and it's now all coming together as to how I'll use all of my gifts to celebrate women! I'm bringing my branding, styling, coaching, and photography experience together to help entrepreneurs & influencers build their brands! 

Think about all of the places you need to share yourself, facebook, twitter, Instagram, every marketing piece, every speaking engagement, everything you do in your business requires you to be seen and to share yourself. So I help entrepreneurs & influencers tell stories in their brands.

"Tour Date" list where we'll be and anyone looking to celebrate themselves with personal branding photography can get themselves added to the list! To be clear if you think we'd be a good fit then let's chat & we can get your city added to the tour!

One day while writing to my guides [asking... are you sure we should be doing this?"] They responded yes! You are to learn how to create a business that works with your life, not a life that works with your business. Whoa! Yeah ok got it! Message received!

For far too long I've been running a business that's been all hustle and not enough flow. It's time to drastically shake things up & fortunately, I've got an amazing partner who's willing to come along for the ride! Have I mentioned how amazing this guy is? 

So in October which marks my 2-year Cali-versary, we'll be setting off on a whole new adventure! Be sure to tag along for the ride, we'll be sharing it all! To check out the tour click here.

October seems to be a key cyclical pattern for me of letting go and bringing in the new. I'd love to hear from you if you've noticed a particular cycle in your life. Do you also go through big changes come October or is it a different time of year for you?