My Grandmother passed Last week While I was Away...


This gorgeous woman is my grandmother. She passed recently at 89 years old. My grandma was and is a dish and I am sad to see her go. She's had been dying of cancer. 

What makes me even sadder than her passing from cancer?! The fact that she was 89 years old and still concerned with the number on the scale broke my heart! The fact that she's actually got excited that she lost 5 pounds not to long ago made me realize that if we don't learn to accept ourselves as we are that we die feeling like were not enough. 

It hurts my heart knowing that I myself wasted over two decades feeling like I wasn't enough. I'm so happy that I've learned to accept myself no matter what the number on the scale says. My beautiful grandmother who lived almost 9 decades was still worried about losing weight all the way up until her last day?!

Coming to this realization made it really clear to me just how important this work is that I'm doing is! Women feeling not enough is an epidemic and I know that it's bigger than weight. We need to stop judging ourselves by the number on the scale, what society tells us we should look like or by what unrealistic expectations we have for ourselves. 

We need to stop equating are worth based on the number on the scale or the label inside of our jeans. Don't spend another second tying your souls value to any number, you are more than a number!

You are enough just as you are!

Stop the craziness. My wish is for you to see your worth and love yourself as you are right now in this moment and every moment going forward. xo- laurie marie

P.S. If you need a little help building your confidence muscle I'm here to help!