How To Be Productive with Your Working Time


I’ve struggled to balance the masculine hustle energy with the feminine be in flow energy but what I’m finding is I need a little bit of both. Not to much of either. Too much masculine and I’m pushing myself to the brink of exhaustion… go to far the other way and I’m playing an hour of bejeweled on my phone lol. I’ve started to learn my process more and more, the way that I work best, small micro bursts.

I’ve begun to understand that I need structure and systems in place to hold myself accountable and to give me the freedom I long for which is why I adore doing batch work. It gives me the flexibility & freedom to work when I want and how I want because when I know I’ve got a month of content scheduled then I can work on other things or take a day to get outside and explore this beautiful world of ours.

I’ve also started working with the Pomodoro Technique, it’s a technique I heard about along time ago but never actually put into action until recently. These microbursts of work time help me focus and not squirrel off into other things like Facebook or Instagram. Having a set 25 minutes of focused time helps me get the things I want to accomplish done.

That with the combination of setting a daily goal of getting 3-5 tasks done a day [5 only if they aren’t huge tasks] allows me to feel accomplished without guilt. Being accountable to myself has been a challenge for me for a long time, I can be accountable to others all day long but doing it for myself has been a struggle. This definitely helps. If you struggle with feeling productive or having structure, I highly recommend you giving this a whirl!

Pomodoro Technique

Set a kitchen timer to 25 minutes

CPM: Certified Pomodoro Master

To become a master, focus on these 6 main objectives. I personally have just started this as a beginner by practice setting a timer and removing distractions, that in itself has helped tremendously. Perhaps once I’ve mastered that I’ll try the other steps but take what you prefer & leave the rest.

6 Main Objectives

  1. Find out how much effort is required: how many pomodoros do you need to accomplish a task

  2. Remove distractions

  3. Make accurate estimations of pomodoros for activities

  4. Time for: Recap & Work & Review

  5. Set a time table according to to dos, time, or seasons and create more freedom

  6. Find own personal objective [quality of work, productivity, cooperation etc]

Try doing Objectives/To do’s in increments

Set the timer and work for 25 minutes. Then you set the timer for a 5 minute break. Then set the timer again for 25 minutes, work, and after that, take another 5 minute break. After you've done four tomato timer sessions (or "Pomodoros"), you give yourself a longer break using the timer (10-30 minutes).

Creating these scheduled breaks can make all the difference in the world. It’s helped me be able to stop checking email, get off Facebook, and actually get work done because I know my work time is limited.

I use the technique almost every day, and it's especially helpful when I have tasks on my plate that I don't want to do. Somehow, for me, 25 minutes seems manageable. If you're feeling overwhelmed and unmotivated, please give it a try.

If you don’t have a kitchen timer then give this website a try, it offers a timer setup based on the pomodoro technique!