How To Communicate From Love


Ahh... summer is winding down, I can feel it... I hope you get one last delicious moment of outdoor camping, cookouts, and spending time with the people you love, connecting, laughing and building deeper more meaningful relationships before you get back to being busy.

Yes, it's true, the days may be getting shorter and the summer fun may be coming to an end, but it doesn't mean the fun has to stop.

It doesn't mean that connections have to stop and one way to do that is to have more loving conversations with the people you love most.I know for myself, I've come to learn that when I can stay balanced in my energy, meaning when I can come from a more loving place instead of lashing out because I'm feeling triggered or sad or angry or hurt, I have much more calm, intimacy, deeper, more meaningful connection. See below to find out how I've done it.

Let me start by saying: "I ain't perfect at it but I'm figuring it out more and more!"

When we become triggered, our emotional state becomes imbalanced.

Our masculine and feminine energy becomes rampant. It can feel like our blood is boiling like we could cry at the drop of a hat, and sometimes we even have a f*** this attitude, “I'm out!” Some just hold it all in stuffing it all down, trying to keep our s*** together.

Yes, our emotions can sometimes feel like a volcano ready to burst.

The good news is it doesn't have to be this way. We don't have to keep it together and we can have conversations from loving place. The important thing is the timing of these conversations. It is the key to effective and more meaningful connections.

Returning to your heart’s home state is critical.


It's the place where we feel like us again, where we feel most like ourselves. It's the place where we feel most calm, most aware, most loving and our emotions and energy are in a neutral state.

Our heart state is the place where we love people naturally.

It's the place where we see beyond other people's limitations, we see beyond their imperfections and see them as a soul and love them as a human being who is imperfect and makes mistakes.

Simple, not always easy to implement but...

Here are some suggestions that I've learned along the way that may help...



When emotions take over and become imbalanced it's simply a call for awareness, it just means that our self-care needs a bit of up leveling.


Give yourself time and space to feel what you gotta feel. Cry it out, punch a pillow, dance like you are at the club, or go have fun participating in your favorite activity.Do whatever allows you to feel what you gotta feel and brings you back to feeling like yourself again.


Vulnerability is one of the greatest connectors; it shows our humanness and allows others to see us as the beautifully imperfect people that we are. Vulnerability opens the doors of the heart to connection and intimacy.

Vulnerability is the birthplace of connection and the path to the feeling of worthiness. If it doesn't feel vulnerable, the sharing is probably not constructive." -Brené Brown


Take time figure out what you need from the situation or person. Get clear on what you need, what you are asking of them and then ask for it. Typically people want to help, but you have to be willing to ask.

Try them out, practice them, you don't have to be perfect just pick one and see how it feels.

SIDE NOTE: Please keep in mind... If you're further along on your journey, then you are the one responsible to go first. You’re the one with more tools in your belt, so that means you go first.

If the person you're looking to connect with isn’t where you are... can you love them anyway? Can be the one to show up with compassion, love, and kindness?

I know you can; I only attract BIG hearted love bugs so... I know you can. Sending you so much love!

Muah! -laurie marie

P.S. Need a little help navigating the loving conversation waters? Click here, I'd love to support you.