So it's the 1st... Have you made your resolutions? I haven't and I'll tell you why... 💕 
New Years Resolutions set us up to fall right smack on our faces. It never fails... the year comes to an end, we spend time reflecting on the year and jump into high gear swearing we're going to change, fix, accomplish, do, and conquer all of the things we didn't do last year... or the year before that... and the year before that...

We say to ourselves, "I'm finally going to lose weight and exercise every day from now until eternity!" we say it coming from the purest most believing in magic kind of place, we have the best intentions, really we do… Then we jump into the gym guns blazing and hearts a fire, only to slide back into old familiar patterns and habits and by February we feel like a defeated failure once again [cue the self-criticism] am I right?! 💕 

We decide we’re finally going to quit the soul-sucking job and go after our deepest desires, fulfill our purpose, the one that's been in our hearts for as long as we can remember... Only to back out because the fear takes over and we get overwhelmed with the feelings that we won't be supported, we’ll go broke and end up homeless set in. We walk away feeling disappointed once again when we realized all of the resolutions and goals we set for ourselves have once again not been achieved. And it sucks. It sucks to feel like we’re never going to see what our heart desires most come to flourish. It sucks feeling like "there's something “wrong with me", there's nothing wrong with you my friend. Don’t give up hope, IT IS POSSIBLE, you just need to try it another way and here’s how... 💕 

Instead of another year of resolutions, try this…

Try getting clear on how you want to feel in the various areas of your life instead. We set goals to actually feel. We want to feeling that the goal produces more than we want the goal. We fail because we don't connect to the feeling first. Goals are great but they work soooo much better if we can first understand why we are chasing the goal in the first place. If we have an understanding of what it is that we're desiring from the goal and have a clear feeling we want to feel then creating goals and intention around the feeling will help support us get what we want!

For example here are the desired feelings I’ve flushed out for myself for 2019. I want to feel [chose 3-5 feeling words tops] and

  1. Courageous

  2. Abundant

  3. Generous

  4. Enchanting

  5. Joyful

These five feelings are how I want to feel in all areas of my life so then I’ve created goals to support these feelings and I’ve broken them down below to help give you some inspiration.

Goals & Intentions to support my desired feelings in 2019…

  1. Lifestyle & Livelihood: Share my lifestyle and other purpose work

  2. Body & Wellness: continue on my journey & choose foods that are respectful and loving to my body.

  3. Artistic & Self-Expression: create soul paintings & illustrations, jade egg practice

  4. Relationship & Society: give more, expect less… love unconditionally, practice letting go of expectations, say yes more to what feels good, create a community & get out in the community

  5. Essence & spirituality: spend time with my soul & spirit daily, create a soul tribe

So when I look at my goals & intentions for the year I ask myself, am I doing these things in a way that will support me feeling: courageous, abundant, generous, joyful, & enchanting? If yes, then I carry on. If no, then I make a shift, change, or say no thank you. It’s about feeling into your whole-hearted YES and asking yourself is this in alignment for how I want to feel and creating intentions to support the feeling.

It’s also important to take a look at what’s not working or what you need to stop all together. We are human and we have choice and the best way to stop doing something is just to decide to stop! No excuses. No trying. Just STOP! Here are things that I’ve decided to stop doing in 2019 that have not been serving me. Feel free to make your own list for yourself.


  1. Ignoring/Stopping Self-Care

  2. Self-Sabotaging

  3. Procrastinating

  4. Playing Small

  5. Giving Into Old Patterns of Drama & Victimhood

Getting clear on what isn’t working is just as powerful as what is working which is equally important. Take note of what is already working in your life. What do you WANT to keep doing? What feels really good already? Keep doing more of that! You can get everything you want this year and it’s important to know why your chasing the thing. Tap into your deepest desires and why you want them and you become a magnet! My wish for you is to get all that you desire in 2019 and to support you I’ve created two amazing offers to support you in getting all that you want!

Deep Dive Desire Sessions

Getting clear on how you want to feel comes first like we’ve talked about. That’s what Deep Dive Desire sessions are all about. We spend 90 minutes on the phone sorting through your desires in all areas of life. I help guide through an intuitive process to help you get clear about what it is you desire most for your life and how you want to feel. Then we discuss steps to help get you there.

We also take a look at what’s been getting in the way of your desires and I give you intuitive guidance on how to move forward. This is NOT just another goal setting endeavor, this is about getting clear on what you want to feel and how to make it happen. It’s not the goal that we’re after, it’s the feeling that the goal produces.

What if you could have everything you’ve always wanted but never really thought possible? More love, more connection, more pleasure, more adventure… IT IS POSSIBLE and I can show you how. Calls are recorded, so you'll be able to listen back as often as you like. These calls are powerful and packed full of goodness, you'll want to listen again and again. Calls are done via Zoom so sessions can be done anywhere in the world as long as you speak English because this girl don’t know any other language [working on my Spanish but I have a long way to go] 😂 . 💕  Let's get real about what you really want in 2019! No more empty resolutions to leave you feeling bad. These calls will leave you feeling inspired and excited to dive into your life!

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