How To Prepare For Your Next Boudoir Shoot!


So you’ve done it or you’re thinking of doing it! You’ve decided to be brave and take the plunge! You’re ready to dive into the deep end of the photography swimming pool and have a boudoir session! Now what?! How do I prepare? What will I wear? What the heck do I do with my hands?! OMG, what have I gotten myself into?

No worries Brave Beautiful One!

I’m going to ease your mind and calm your fears. This is a question I’ve been asked hundreds of times over the last decade and I’m here to help ease your mind. Please keep in mind that each photographer is different and their processes are different of course so you’ll want to find out from your photographer what they recommend. For my beauties, this is what I tell them…

Prepare like you’re going on a HOT DATE!

That’s right! You’re taking yourself out on the best date of your life! A YOU date! Make sure things are waxed, tweezed, pretty & polished and that you’re feeling your absolute best! Like I said, prepare like you’re going on a hot date.

Let me first say that this doesn’t mean that you’re not sexy or that theirs something wrong with you if you do have leg hair or you haven’t waxed or tweezed. This is about going through the process of pampering yourself and feeling good. Taking the time to nourish yourself and love on your body.

Whatever way that looks and feels best to you. I will say however, that when you take the time to try the suggestions below you’ll feel amazing and know that you were worth the time it took to pamper & love on yourself.


The following are what I recommend to my clients over the years and as always do what feels good, what makes you feel sexy, and leave the rest.


Nothing is better for you and your body than a good nights rest so be sure to get enough sleep for a few nights [minimum the night before] before your shoot. You’ll have a refreshed and youthful look and it helps keep the dark circles at bay.


Water, water, and more water. Make sure you drink tons of water the day before. It will not only help your skin glow like Beyonce but it will help with the makeup application process. Also believe it or not boudoir and doing a photography session can be quite a workout so it’s good to be hydrated and energized.


This is one that you’ll thank me for later ;). Be sure to wear lose clothing to your session. Especially if you’re having hair and makeup done. Not only will it make it easier to avoid messing up hair and makeup, but it will prevent having lines on your body. I recommend button down tops, baggy sweat or yoga pants and no socks. Sock lines are the worse and take a while to wear off the skin.


As a woman I know having your hair and makeup can be a scary proposition. I remember as a teen having soooo many bad salon experiences. Sometimes we know how to do our own hair and makeup best am i right?! I will assure you though when it comes to having your hair and makeup done it can be a really amazing experience. Just be sure to ask your photographer if they work with hair and makeup specialists and don’t be afraid to ask to see some of their work. Most professional’s have their own website and portfolio of work. Every hair & makeup artist I work with is carefully hand selected to ensure you get the best possible experience. I make sure that before they leave you are happy with the work they’ve done. I know how uncomfortable it can be to speak up if you don’t like the way someone has done your hair or makeup. I work with an amazing team of women who are super open to feedback and I’m there to make sure you LOVE your look! To learn more about how to hire the right hair and makeup artist for your next shoot click here.



Be sure to arrive with a clean face. You can moisturize and hydrate the night before and the day of but be sure to come with a clean face when having makeup done.


When getting hair done, it’s important to come with clean, dry hair. I recommend washing it the night before. You want to respect the stylists time and coming to a shoot with wet hair is a No no. Besides having your hair washed the night before can help it style better. Just be sure you don’t have a bunch of styling products in your hair.



Personally I adore false lashes in photographs just for the simple fact that they make eyes pop. Especially from farther away. When done properly they can really enhance the look giving it that little extra umph! However if you tend to be more natural or you were born with gorgeous lush lashes [I so wasn’t] then by all means skip’m.


Be respectful of your photographer’s time. Be sure to arrive on time with hair and makeup ready to go if you are opting out of having your hair and makeup done by a professional. Your time as well as theirs is valuable so be kind & respectful.


I recommend either having polished or unpolished nails for your session. I personally don’t have a preference and frankly I feel like if you’re personal style is a bit more natural then unpolished it is! On the other hand if you’d like to spice things up a bit go for it! Just be sure it’s one or the other. I just recommend making sure you don’t have chipped polish. If you have the time & resources, grabbing a mani/pedi can not only be a nice way to prep but a relaxing way to pamper yourself prior to your shoot.


You know your body best and so it’s important you listen to your body and what it prefers most. So if waxing is to painful for you feel free to shave. Just watch those little razor bumps. If you know that you’re skin gets really irritated then I don’t recommend doing it the day of your shoot, do it a few days before. Trust yourself and what your body is ok with.


I caution people when using any kind of self-tanners, they can sometimes leave the webbings of your feet and hands very orange much like an umpa-lumpa. Be sure that if you do want to use any kind of self-tanner that you try it out days if not a week prior to your shoot. It will help ensure that it will cover the way you’d like before shoot day.



Again this recommendation depends on your photographer however I will give you some general examples of what you might want to bring to your session. I style each of my clients sessions personally to their unique style but this will give you a great idea of where to begin when selecting your boudoir outfits. When it comes to boudoir there is a wide range of ways you can portrait someone’s sexiness and I personally believe it should be based on your comfort level. I’ve created a Pinterest board of inspiration that kind of runs the gamut from tanks, boy-shorts, and knee high socks to super sexy lingerie. There is no one way to be sexy and sexy isn’t just defined by lingerie. Off the shoulder sweaters, lace tops, graphic tees, his tie or button down, stockings, heels, barefoot, there is a wide variety of flavors, sexy doesn’t have to just be Victoria Secret Models, it can be the girl next door too! Find you’re personal flavor and don’t be afraid to expand on what feels good and sexy to you!


  • Beautiful robe

  • Pretty bra & panties

  • Guys tie

  • Cute PJ’s

  • Knee high socks or stockings

  • Corset

  • Sexy little V-neck sweater and panties

  • Cute hats

  • Little lace, shimmery or glittery dress

  • Silk gloves or scarves

  • Pretty lace or satin blouse

  • High heels

  • Fun graphic t-shirts

  • Fishnet stockings

  • Layers [see above: we layered a net shirt with a velvet bralette and black pantie]


  • Veil

  • Honeymoon garb

  • Earrings, Shoes, Necklaces or other wedding accessories

When it comes to selecting outfits and accessories think about what feels good and lush and delicious too you. Think patterns, textures, silks, satins, shimmer, stripes, dots, velvety scrumptious fabrics. This is where I walk my clients through a process to get a feel for their own personal style and build an inspiration board specific to them and their unique personality.

Regardless of who you chose for your photographer I hope you found this helpful in preparing for your boudoir session and my hope for you is that you have the time of your life! If you need help around calming pre-shoot jitters click here.