Looking back I feel a sense of sadness when I think I spent over two decades hating, like mad hating on my body. Some people spend there whole lives treating it like garbage. I know that it’s what I had to experience to get to the other side where I could shift the relationship I have with my body & learn to love and respect it.

You don’t have to spend anymore precious time hating your body if you begin to put these few powerful tools in place today. Its not an overnight change and it takes consistent practice but you will begin to feel differently over time. Self-love is a process and it takes time. It’s about consistency and compassion. It’s about cleaning up the negative self-talk and toxic thoughts and replacing them with powerful positive replacement tools.

Your negative self talk & beliefs are not your fault. You’ve been bombarded your whole life with messaging that has told you your not good enough, thin enough, or pretty enough. To that I say enough! It’s time to take back your power! It’s not your fault these believes oozed into your thoughts however it is your responsibility 100% to clean them up! Here’s how you can get started on taking the first steps to shifting the relationship you have with your body.


An attitude of gratitude changes everything! If you're struggling with your body image or your having feelings of low self-esteem/self-worth, start with the things you love about your body. When we can start with gratitude we begin to shift our beliefs about ourselves. Over time we start to see things differently. Start with the very practical ways your body is good to you. Below are some examples of where you could start.

- I love my eyes ... because they allow me to see my new baby nephew.

- I love my smile... because I notice it makes others smile.

- I love my dimples... because not everyone has those and that's pretty cool.

Whatever it is, start small and work your way up to the things that are more challenging. If you can't think of anything then go with function...

My legs allow me to... travel to new places.

My arms allow me to... hug my best friend.

Finding gratitude for the little things add up to big things


Acknowledge all the ways your body & mind are rocking it for you each and every day! Did you body help you go somewhere awesome? Did your body sleep well last night? Are you having less negative self-talk this week? Did you take a compliment that someone gave? Notice how well you’re doing! Often we don’t celebrate the ways we’re kill’n it! Keep a daily log and write down at least 3 things you & your body did well today! When we celebrate the little things BIG shifts can happen.


Stand or hold a mirror in front of you and start every day looking yourself in the eyes and saying “I love you” and “you’re doing a great job”. Whatever words resonate with you. Practice this each morning… it may feel a bit weird at first but over time it will become part of your magical morning practice and you’ll begin to feel like somethings missing if you don’t say it. You can change the relationship you have with your body at any moment! It just takes a willingness to do the work.

You my friend are worth it! Don’t let another day go by without knowing how amazing you are! Comment below on how long negative self-talk has been running your life and share when you want to put an end to self-hate and start self-celebration!

xo- laurie marie