Stop The Beatings

little laurie marie

Beating ourselves up is an all to common practice. We tell ourselves we aren’t good enough, thin enough, smart enough. We constantly beat ourselves up with "not enoughs." Today I want to share with you a little tip on how you can begin to stop the beatings today. 

It all started with a photograph. I love this photograph my mom took of me when I was little. I've always been a free spirit with a gypsy soul and this image captures that for me. I use this photograph as a tool, I have it framed in my bedroom and I use it anytime I think about beating myself up. If I feel the urge coming on to say something negative about my body, or myself I look at this photograph and try saying it to her. This has been an excellent tool in shutting down the negative self-talk. I learned it at my Fearless Living Retreat last year with Rhonda Britten and it has been a powerful tool to stop the abuse on myself. Somewhere along the line it because easy for us to beat ourselves up. I'm not sure when it happens, but it does. Using this tool has been incredible, it's a lot harder saying it to my 5-year-old self than to my current self. I recommend giving it a try. 

HOW TO: Find a baby picture of yourself, put it on your phone or wherever you will see it most often. Every time you want to say something mean about yourself, pull it out and say it to the little boy or girl in the photo. You'll start finding yourself dead in your tracks. Over time, you'll notice you do it less and less. If a photograph of you is hard to find as a little one or you don’t find it to be a challenge, then try a photo of your son or daughter, your little niece or nephew. You’d never say it to a baby or a little kid, so why is it ok to say it to yourself? Try it out for a week and share your experience in the comments below.