Feel All The Feels

Well, I successfully made it to San Diego! The drive was amazing! It was a super easy, long but easy drive and I got to see this beautiful country of ours. I went through Iowa, Nebraska, Colorado, Arizona, Nevada and then finally to California. I headed out on Sunday and made it here by Wednesday.

I also got a surprise overnight in Colorado! I met up with a friend who saw my post on Facebook and invited me to stay the night. She was hosting a Doterra party (love oils!) and invited me to join in. I got to connect with some lovely new women, smell essential oils and catch up with my friend, such a beautiful surprise.



The next morning my friend was gracious enough to give me an Aroma Touch Massage before I left and made me breakfast. It was a great practice in receiving, I felt like a queen! Then I headed out for the rest of my journey. I believe her healing massage gave me a much-needed boost because I was able to drive for 12 ½ hours that day!

Throughout my drive, I’d listen to music, audiobooks, and just be with my thoughts. I had a ton of awarenesses along the drive and many emotions running through me. I’d have moments of pure excitement and joy for what's to come and all of the possibility that lies ahead. Then I’d have moments of grief. Grieving for a life I had hoped for but didn’t happen, grief for what I wanted in a family and in my marriage that wasn’t possible and grief for the letting go of my puppy who I love and adore. Yes, I was feel'n all the feels!

Soooo many feelings came up throughout my drive, I don't consider them bad or good they just are what they are and I've learned over time to just allow them to come up and give myself permission to feel them.  

As a kid, I’d shove my feelings all the time and I wouldn’t share until I couldn’t contain them anymore, my mom would get so frustrated with me. She just wanted to help and I would’nt say a word until I’d burst. This continued through my twenties too, I’d hold back the hurt and it started coming out as anger. I had a I’ll hurt you before you can hurt me mentality for a while which was rather toxic. I’ve had to learn to not only share my feelings but to feel them for myself too, it’s all part of the healing process.

Yes, looking back on my life, I've been on quite a journey and it only continues. The more I allow the feelings to pass through me, the more flow I am with life and the easier life becomes.

I now have a much easier time expressing and processing the not so fun feelings like hurt, sadness, anger and frustration and I can quickly get onto to good stuff like joy, excitement, delight, happiness, and fulfillment.

Yes, feelings come in an array of colors much like a box of crayons and there's beauty in all of them. The more we can embrace our feelings, process them and allow them to pass through us the easier life becomes. We all go through challenges, we all go through divine storms, and these challenges are there to teach us, to help us grow, and expand.

The things that are happening to us are actually happening for us and we can either allow those feelings to come up or we can try to shut them down. I believe when we shove them down we only increase our likelihood of developing illness, disease and other physical manifestations of our emotions. What we don’t deal with emotionally shows up physically.

This week I encourage you to become aware of your feelings. Notice how quickly they change, how they come and go. Feelings come and go fast which means you can change your feelings quickly simply by changing the energy.

If you're feeling sadness or depression, anger or frustration, find little ways to bring joy into your life. Put on a funny YouTube video, create a board on Pinterest that makes you laugh or brings you joy, look up images of puppies, I mean come on, who can be mad when they're looking at  puppies or any baby animals really!Find ways to bring joy into every moment of your life no matter what the situation.

If you're stuck in traffic like I was just before getting to my destination, find ways to bring joy into that moment. Sing at the top of your lungs, turn on music that makes you happy or sit in silence and enjoy a moment of peace.

Allow yourself to feel the feelings you're experiencing and let them move through you. They’ll be over before you know it. And one more word on feelings, it is a privilege to feel them, all of them! The good, bad, and the ugly, all emotions are beautiful! So many people's lives get cut short and they don’t get to experience all of the feelings you or I do, so enjoy the beauty of them, all of them! xo- laurie marie