The Importance of HAVING AMAZING Photography For YOUR BRAND & Why It's NECESSARY NOW More Than Ever

In a fast-paced world, your brand & images need to be able to quickly convey your message. Images are a powerful way to speak your message & connect with your audience. As they say, "an image can speak a thousand words" and nothing could be further from the truth. Having incredible images can quickly let someone know whether or not they want to know more or dive deeper into what you have to offer.

They say over 95% of purchasing decisions are made on an unconscious level. People buy when they know, like, and trust you. Personal branding photography can help. Here are just a few of the reasons why personal brand photography is so crucial for your brand!

1. The First Impression

Think of when you yourself become interested in someone. Chances are you hoped on Instagram then took a quick tour of their website and you may've even hopped on over to Facebook to do a bit of Facebook stalking. lol [No judgment, we've all been there]. This first interaction probably gave you an overall idea of what they were about, yes? Did it make you wanna know more or let you know it probably wasn't for you... First impressions matter. I know for myself if a business doesn't have great branding, I move on quickly.

2. Emotion

So many feels can be expressed through an image, it's one of the most incredible and powerful aspects of images. Your images have the ability to quickly convey a mood, a feeling, a message, and emotions. Think about it when you have an image that's darker with contrast it can convey moodiness and with a lighter image you can convey lightness, happiness, joy, the options are endless. Not to mention the subject matter, location, and expression of you!

3. Perceived Value

Incredible photography has the ability to enhance your perceived value, whereas poor quality photography can actually make building trust & brand recognition more challenging.

4. Get Your Message Across Quickly

Whether we like it or not unfortunately as humans we are prone to judge. Same is true when it comes to personal branding. People will make a quick judgment on whether or not they want to follow, sign up, or explore more of what you have to offer. Also, people are busy and they will make a quick decision based on your images and branding if they want to take the time to read what you're all about, think of photography as the doorway to deciding if they want to go further. 

5. Brand Trust & Recognition

Consistent beautiful photography builds trust with your audience. They want to know more of who you are and how you can help serve them. Photography can help create this connection. Having images that are high quality, beautiful, and convey the feelings you want to express over all of your social media platforms it helps your clients & potential clients recognize you.

6. Heart & Story Telling

Personal branding photography is more than just headshots. When done right you can tell stories that connect and are full of heart. When we see ourselves in another it helps us feel connected to that person. Sharing your interests, desires, and the things you love outside of your business gives your soulmate clients a common heartfelt connection to you & your brand. These images are a combination of lifestyle images, portraiture, and product photography. All told in a way that is unique to you and your brand.

How has personal branding photography helped elevate your brand? I'd love to hear from you!

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