My Interview with Ian Hollander of Famous Psychic

Image Credit:  Rachel Buckley  

Image Credit: Rachel Buckley 

Recently I was contacted by the editor and creator of Famous an online source featuring psychic-mediums all over the world. I'd not heard of this website before but it was pretty sweet of Ian to reach out and ask me to be part of the interview :)! 

Someone had mentioned me (thank you oh mysterious one) and that's how Ian found me?! Oh, how things happen... For the last two years, I've been following the bread crumbs that keep getting placed before me and learning to trust my heart & intuition along the way.

What a year it's been! So I'm honored to have been asked to be part of this series called Conversations with Clairvoyants. Where Ian asked me 10 of the toughest questions I've ever answered about my personal journey as well as my spiritual awakening. Check it out below.