Are You Happy? How Do You Know?

This week has been so incredible! I’m feeling a lot more  adjusted to California life this week and I’ve even noticed how happy and joyful I am. I'll admit it doesn't hurt  that I've met someone who touches my heart and  I don't think the entirety of why I'm so happy. Sure the beautiful California weather and sunny 70 degree days in November help but I think it’s more so that I feel free! My soul feels alive and well. I've been nursing my mind, body, and soul and I’ve even noticed that I’m dancing and singing every single day.

laurie marie

For the longest time, I can't even remember how long... I felt like my joy had been robbed from my existence. I can’t even remember how long it had been since I danced or sang or felt so much joy. The past few years being in an unhappy marriage, feeling isolated and alone didn't help. All of last year, it felt like such a struggle just to be happy, just to find my joy, and I'm actually a rather joyful girl which made it even more devastating for my soul. It was like I was constantly trying to bring the happy and fun for both of us and it just wasn’t there.

So having this awareness this week has shown me that I’m definitely on the right track being here in California. I know it's where I'm supposed to be  and I'm so grateful to God, the universe and trusting my intuition to get me here. It took a lot of faith, trust and loving myself to take these steps. I had to walk away from a lot and even though I walked away from a lot I don't feel like I've lost anything. In fact, I feel like I gained a clear sense of who I am, what I need to be happy, and what nourishes my soul.  For that, I'm so freak’n grateful! I wish for everyone this kind of happiness and peace... To really know what your soul desires and to have the courage and confidence to go after it no matter what the cost.

Today I wanted to focus on joy + gratitude and really connecting with your emotions and what you need. For me some good indicators are that I'm smiling more, I find myself dancing and singing. I'm even feeling more uplifted and wanting to move my body, I've been back at yoga every day and running again which feels amazing. I even feel lighter energetically. I don't feel so tight and tense in my body. My shoulders and neck aren't scrunched up, I feel free in my body and very fluid, all good indicators of my happiness.

How do you know when you're happy? Do you sing and dance like I do? Do you laugh more than you cry? What are the cues that tell you you’re joyful? How often do you wish for things to be different?

What would nourish your soul? What would light you up inside? What has made you super happy in the past and are you doing it now? What's one way you can implement something that brings you joy into your life daily?