Love On Your Money + It Will Love You Back


Money fear is something I've struggled with for a very long time. Being a single mom for most of my teen to adult life, I spent the majority of that time being pretty poor. I always had my basic human needs met and I never ended up homeless, thank God. I, like many people, was  just one paycheck away from that happening for a very long time. I've spent the last  couple of years  learning how to overcome my fears around money and I've learned a few things.

I realized that I needed to focus on the fact that I always had my needs met, I have valuable tools and skills, and that with every passing year I obtain more knowledge and more skills and I will never be back there again.  I learned that money is an exchange of energy, it’s a made up system and there's always plenty to go around. Money just like life has a flow and the more grateful I can be for what I already have and come from an abundant mindset,  the more  abundance shows up.

I think of it being a lot like a garden hose, when you turn on the water it flows through smoothly, but if you put a kink in the hose it slows down the flow or even stops it all together. Money is a lot like that. The more you focus on not having it or not having enough  it’s like putting a kink in the hose.

I've really had to practice shifting my mindset to one of abundance, as well as, expressing gratitude for what I already have in my life. In my experience doing these things has encouraged more abundance. I’ve had more abundance financially, experientially, and relationally.

Here are a few ways I’ve encouraged abundance in my life that have worked for me. Don’t worry if you don't get it right away, it takes practice.  Pick one and start playing around with it.

  • I show gratitude for everything I already have.

  • I write 5 things I am grateful for every day (daily gratitudes).

  • Anytime someone buys me lunch or a coffee, gives me a compliment or when I receive money or have an incredible experience--I write it down in my ongoing list on my phone. I write down the date, what I received, and I’ve titled that list, “happy thank you more please.”  It’s my way of encouraging the universe to bring me more of what I’m wanting.

I believe we are like mirrors projecting out what we want more of and if we have a mindset of lack it’s like we’re telling the universe, yes I want more of this and so that’s what we end up with.

“We end up with what we put up with.” - unknown

It's extremely important to shift from a mindset of lack to one of abundance.

  • When you see a penny on the sidewalk do you walk right by it? Do you think it's just a penny it's not worth it? Maybe you're a germaphobe and the thought of picking up a penny off the ground disgusts you? No judgment, however, I invite you to consider picking it up anyway. Grab some hand sanitizer or baby wipes and wipe that penny clean. Ha ha! When we talk about abundance it's important to recognize even the smallest signs of abundance, even a penny on the ground.

  • I've also found that creating vision boards for what I want is an amazing way to manifest. I set an intention both in my mind and heart then visually create what I want that the results to look and feel like. You wouldn’t believe what I have been able to manifest because with this technique!

  • Another way is to care for your money. Be sure you have a nice wallet or purse. Wallets of gold, green or red in feng shui are said to encourage abundance as well. If your wallet is torn and tattered it can be a reflection of what your money thoughts could be. If your money is crinkled up and crushed inside your wallet and you have tons of stuff crawling out of it (old receipts, gum, etc) it's showing your money you don't respect it and it's like telling the universe you want more of that. You want to love on and respect your money.

  • When you tip someone or give someone money; make sure the money is laid out nicely. Often times we hide our money when we give it to others. Another option is to give it to the waiter or waitress opened up and say thank you.

Showing your money a level of respect is another amazing way to encourage more abundance.