Meditation For Self-Love

Last year I started practicing the art of meditation. Being new to it I wasn't really sure where to start so I did what any person would do, I googled it! I went to the internet and discovered some of my favorite meditations through YouTube. Every night before I’d go to sleep I’d pick one from my favorites playlist and off to sleep I’d go. I’d also play a short one in the morning to kick off my day. Each track had it’s own unique benefits but the one I wanted to share with you today I found to be rather special.    

I love Louise Hay and I especially love this meditation on self-love and healing. Every night I would put my ear buds in and fall asleep to the sweet sound of Louise Hay's voice. I never have made it through the entire thing but it didn’t matter. The message she gave was so powerful that it seeped into my brain regardless. She said that if we wait for someone else to love us, if we wait to loose the weight first or wait to become perfect that we waste our lives. We deny our own existence right now by waiting. This is so true, I’ve had first hand experience at this. Telling myself "oh when I get to x size or x amount of weight, then I'll buy the cute outfit, make that video or go swimming with friends."   

I adore her voice too, it reminds me of a kind + loving grandmother. The kind that would make you apple pie and tuck you in under a thick down patchwork quilt. She just made me feel all warm and cozy. What better feeling to have when you're working on loving yourself. After listening to this audio for a month I experienced decreases in negative self-talk and negative thought patterns. If you feel a pull to do so, check it out. It has helped me a great deal and I hope it helps you too. xo- laurie marie