My Interview with Voyage LA Magazine

Voyage LA Magazine

I recently got asked to be part of Voyage LA magazine thanks to yesterday’s Seeing Beauty Sessions guest Kat Trimarco. I’m so grateful to have been selected to share my story and be featured. It’s funny to think just a few short years ago I was terrified to share my story and now I’m sharing it publicly with no hesitation… that’s what healing can do. When we heal our hurts and trauma it no longer owns us. The energetic charge it once had is gone and we’re left with a story that can inspire and empower.

Voyage LA Magazine is an awesome collection and collaboration of artists, entrepreneurs, and local businesses that have inspiring stories to share. One of the things I love about this small team of passion driven folks is that their mission. They wanted to create a new type of media for the community. They believe that media filters, edits, and polishes away the personality of the person and what they believe you’re left with is one voice that all sounds the same.

When I read their mission I knew it was a whole hearted YES for me. [It’s important for me to be in alignment with whoever I’m collaborating with.] I loved their vision and mission right from the bat. Their interviews have an authentic approach by allowing each and every collaborator like myself to have a voice, typos and all! Yup thats right they love small businesses, mom-n-pop shops, and hole-in-the-wall joints and they don’t believe in taking away what makes them real.

I just love everything they stand for and the stories that come out of this community are incredible and I highly recommend you check them out so when your in LA or those of you who live there can support these local businesses which make LA great!

To read my article click here. I’m honored to be part of this awesome group of people & I can’t wait to get the print edition!