I Got A Glimpse In The Mirror Today...

The other day I was walking to the local target and while on my way, I saw something that was a bit shocking! For the first time I saw my own physical transformation in effect!? I’m now down 40lbs and while I can feel the changes, I hadn’t really taken it in visually just yet. Maybe part of me was a bit scared I’d wake up and realize it wasn’t real?! But it is sooooo real! For the first time in over 18 years it’s real and it’s happening and I’m just 10 small pounds of being out of the 200lb club!

You guys! This might as well be a miracle! lol At least that’s the way it feels, I know that’s not the case, it’s taken a long journey with a lot of healing and transforming my mindset around my body & myself to get here but because of the work I’ve done it’s all happening rather effortlessly.

Any transformation takes time, patience, & support. I couldn’t have done it all on my own which is why I’ve invested highly in myself over the last five years & every step I took has lead me here, to this very moment! It’s lead me to a place of taking back my power & finally being ok with me being me. There’s still work to be done but I feel so much closer than I’ve ever been!

There was a time I never thought that this would be possible but it IS possible, I’m living breathing proof that change is possible. It’s not an effortless journey but with persistence, support, & lots of love it can be done!

I’ll be honest, it’s been interesting wrapping my head around the fact I won’t be in the 200’s any longer, I’ve spent almost two decades here but I’m excited to feel into my new found health & lightness. It’s not about the number, I love myself regardless of that number [yes, it’s possible to let that obsession go] for me it’s about being fit, healthy, and keeping the family tradition of living past 100 years of age going strong. lol I’m ready to shed the layers that have kept me from fully embracing me both mentally & physically!

What are you ready to shed? What transformation are you ready to step into? I’d love to hear from you!