Ever since I was a little girl I knew I had a mission. Rooted deep within was this knowing that I was here to help  celebrate women. To show them & the world how beautiful they are. You see, I have a gift, I have the ability to see people, really seeing them. I see beyond the exterior, beyond the limiting beliefs, doubts, and fears. I see them for who they truly are & I'm able to reflect that back in an image.

It started when I was a little girl growing up in a small Midwest town. I was around five years old (or so my mom tells me) and I tried taking my dad's deck of "nudie cards" that he got in Vietnam to school with me for show and tell. Luckily my mother busted me before I succeeded and when she caught me I told her...

"I'm Just Trying To Show Everyone The Pretty Ladies!"

Fast forward to college, I did my entire senior show based on a project I called "The Beauty of Women" [shown left]. I photographed over 50 women, ages 18-80 years old using a polaroid transfer process, much like the women each one original, each one unique. My project showcased the beauty within women of all different shapes, sizes, backgrounds, etc. I thought eventually I'd create a book and tell the stories of these women, I haven't yet but celebrating women never left me. 

In 2007, I started my photography business & I began celebrating women through boudoir. Photographing them helped me heal and fast forward to present day, I've come full circle and I've combined over a decade of experience photographing women together with my coaching & intuitive skills to continue to show "The Beauty of Women."  The format has changed a bit but throughout my entire life I've been on a mission to celebrate and share "The Beauty of Women" with the world. Now I call these sessions "Seeing Beauty Sessions".

I'm excited for this next journey. I'm grabbing my guy and where heading out on a year long tour. Along the way I'll be photographing women and sharing stories of the women turning their pain into purpose! We're traveling to various cities in the US, Mexico, & Greece among I've a feeling many more as tour dates get added to the list. It's an exciting journey & I can't wait to see what happens. The adventure kicks off in just 8 short weeks! Join us as we navigate this divinely guided journey!