We are meant to feel and love all of our pieces


I’m sitting in a coffee shop this morning heart aching for my second home. As I scrolled through Facebook I saw posts from friends back in Cali and my thoughts went to all of the men and women fighting the fires, the people who’ve lost everything, including their lives , the animals who must be or were so scared as the fires closed in. I sat tears streaming down my face and I let them…


I’ve spent decades fighting to hold back emotions and I’ve gotten to a place of acceptance when they come up. We are meant to feel, we are meant to emote, and I’m grateful to no longer feel shame or the need to apologize when I get emotional. Being human means we feel, we emote, and all of it is beautiful no matter how messy.

Sitting in a coffee shop and crying even a few years ago would have brought up so much shame and embarrassment, not anymore. I’m beginning to embrace all of the places I’ve want to hide, all of the so called “negative” emotions and shadows of myself. I wanted to hide them because I thought that if people saw the “ugly” I’d be rejected, abandoned, or dismissed but the truth is when we don’t accept all of our messes, all of our darkness we also then deny our light.

All emotions are beautiful and meant to be felt. I want to live a life of courage and to keep my heart open. I want to dive deep into my mess and love the parts of me that I once deemed unlovable. Loving yourself isn’t just about loving your body or the “good” things about yourself, it’s about loving all of you. The raw, the vulnerable, the messy, the perfectly imperfect pieces that make up you. Cheers to loving all of our pieces.

What if we allowed each other to see our messy? What if we could love all of our pieces? What if we could love others pieces?

This video sums up my feels around this topic.