Self Love & Sisterhood In Person Workshop

Self-Love & Sisterhood 1 Day Live In-Person Workshop

Self-love, as you may have heard me talk about, is a journey and a practice and along that journey, it’s so important to develop relationships with like-minded people who can love and support you along the way. I myself have come to know this all too well. When I’m in my own shit I know I’ve got a group of women who I can call on and be reminded of who I am.

These kinds of relationships are priceless which is why my long-time friend of 15 years and I are putting on a 1 Day Intensive at her wellness center! Self-love & Sisterhood In-Person Workshop will be a deep dive into learning how to hold space for other women, give love to ourselves, and gain confidence along the way. I can’t wait to spend the day with one of my soul sister besties and help support 14 amazing women in learning to love themselves with practical tools, skills, and live practices to become better listeners, lovers, and givers all while learning to give to themselves first.

The workshop will be held at Brooke’s place, The Refinery Esthetics Bar & Wellness Center on November 16th from 9-5 pm in New Holstein, WI. We are only opening up 14 spots so if you’re in the Fox Valley, Fond du Lac, or Green Bay area be sure to send in your application. The Early Bird cart will open up on October 14th and it will be on a first come first serve basis.

We will spend a day connecting, loving, and supporting other women as well as learning to love ourselves on a deeper level.

What will you gain out of this experience?

* How to let go of judgment of yourself and others
* Forgiveness
* Healing
* Self-acceptance
* Tap into your own magic
* Let go of self-doubt & comparison
* Navigate fear & self-doubt and much more
* What true friendship can really be
* How to hold space for others
* Gain confidence
* Feel oh-so-good and empowered
* Make you a priority
* Discover that self-love isn't selfish
* How to honor yourself and listen to your wholehearted YES
* Dive into your feminine power and creativity

We’re excited to have you! Be sure to apply and when the cart opens we’ll send you an email to grab your spot!