Demetra Nyx Sex & Relationship Coach Extraordinaire


Meet Demetra Nyx, a saucy and powerful goddess here to help men create healthy & happy relationships in and outside of the bedroom. This beauty is an inspiration and she’s taking her own personal journey of coming home to herself along with becoming a soon graduate of Layla Martin’s 1 Year Program to become a powerful sex, love, & relationship coach. Demetra came to me desiring beautiful high quality images that will speak to her ideal clients.

When I sat down with Demetra in our brand strategy call I wanted to really get an understanding of

  1. Who she is serving and what she desired to communicate to her dream clients.

  2. How she wanted her ideal clients to feel. She wanted the images to feel glamorous, fun, & sensual.

  3. I also got a sense of her personal style and through that process we discovered she loves jewel tones

By getting a better understanding of the feelings she wanted to convey we came up with a plan. I helped her develop her story, select a color scheme, locations, and emotions she wanted to convey. Her main job was to collect the outfits, get on the plane, and have an amazing day of pampering and celebrating her bad-ass self!

Personal branding photography tells a story and connects you to your people. I love the process of walking my clients through this part. We got really clear on who her people are, what she wanted them to feel when they saw theses images, and I helped her style the images to boot. We discussed her style, colors she was attracted to, clothing to bring, and I chose locations that fit her color scheme and told a story. Below is an example of an inspiration board I created for her on Pinterest to help give her an idea of what clothing to bring. Then the day of I helped her pull outfits together along with accessories. This is where a background in styling comes in handy.

Click here  to see the full board of inspiration and get a little outfit inspo for yourself! :)

Click here to see the full board of inspiration and get a little outfit inspo for yourself! :)


One of the coolest things that I heard Demetra say to me about the shoot was “I love how you put together outfits, in a way I wouldn’t have thought of, after all, you know when you dress yourself you have a certain way of putting things together.” There are so many things that come out of a session but I always love when a client has discovered something new & beautiful about themselves!


We originally were going to do the shoot in Los Angeles but after some deliberation she decided she wanted to come to me while I was in Wisconsin so she got a chance to explore Madison for a few days. I’m happy to say she’s a fan. I love going to new places to shoot my clients but just being back in the Midwest after being away for over a year it felt nice to be back home. Fall looks so good on her too wouldn’t you agree :)! It was a bit chilly that day but she was a total trooper and thanks to miss Sara Miller her makeup held up flawlessly all day! ALL DAAAYAH!


We also did a little set where she performed specific techniques she uses with her clients to help move energy through so when she’s using a training guide or making a visual template of how the steps are done she can have powerful and amazing images that give a visual of the technique. As entrepreneurs & influencers we need images that tell a story whether they be for social media, marketing purposes, or a bajillion [yes that’s a word] other places we need images of ourselves