This week my heart is bursting & words can't describe how incredibly proud I am of this one! I got an opportunity to photograph Shaena Ragna’s personal branding photography. I can’t tell you how much this gal means to me. I first met Shaena when I was getting started in my photography adventure back at UWO in 2006. I was looking for women to be part of a pin-up series I was creating and that's when I first met this lovely lady. Later we worked together in my “Beauty of Women” project & later I shot Shaena’s bachelorette party. Let’s just say our relationship developed over time through our love of style & photography.

Fast forward a few years later I asked her to become my second shooter at weddings and she was with me for over 5 years until I quit shooting weddings to pursue my dreams of becoming a coach & helping more people. Throughout the years I’ve seen Shaena grow so much & she’s done so much work on herself both internally & externally. It’s been beautiful to witness her transformation & growth. She’s stepping into her own sense of leadership and its such a testament to the personal development work she’s done.

I've been her coach, mentor, & helped her create her branding & website. This baby bird is ready to leave the nest & fly on her own! She's created her own wedding photography & lifestyle business and I'm oh-so-proud of her and all that she's accomplished! The thing I love most though is that our relationship goes way beyond mentorship... she is so much more to me than a client or student, she is one of my dearest friends & someone I consider as one of my spiritual running buddies. She's also an incredible momma to her baby girl! Doing this shoot was so much fun. We spent time together discussing what her & Lily loved doing together and we wanted to share that connection through the images. Shaena’s work is all about connection and love and that’s how she lives her life as well. I love these girls and I wish you soooo much goodness in life! 💖

This personal branding session was just that, personal. We co-created this shoot getting down to the heart of what she wanted to express with these images and I think we conveyed the heart in her art. Shaena’s love and connection to the people she loves & works with is so powerful. One relationship I’ve witnessed through the years is the connection and influence her grandmother had on her. I only met her once but everything about Shaena I can feel was highly inspired by a very powerful, stylish, & beautiful women.

for her and her business because yes, even us photographers need photos of ourselves. :) Oh my, she's so ready to fly & it's so exciting to witness!

Please help me in celebrating this amazing Brave Babe and if you know of anyone in need of an amazing wedding photographer, Shaena's your girl! Go get it girl! Go get it! #proudmomma

Big shout out to Miss Dana Michele Makeup too for doing Shaena's makeup. She's super gifted too! 💖

P.S. Check her out at

Be sure to check out Shaena’s wedding & lifestyle work at Shaena Ragna Photography

Hair & Makeup: Dana Michele Makeup