Yesterday was a rough one for me. I felt as though the work I do doesn’t matter, I felt uneasy with the uncertainty of what the future holds especially around where I’ll be living next.

I’ve been on this journey for a while now and sometimes I forget to trust and to remember sometimes no guidance is guidance. What I mean by that is that it’s not time for me to know yet. When the time is right I will be guided. 

Getting that message the other day helped me to relax and remember that all things come in divine timing. Being on your spiritual path isn’t always easy. Often times we think once we’ve awakened things get easier but the truth is that’s just when the real work begins. 💕 .
Yesterday I cried on a Facebook live (again 😂) and it did several things, it allowed others to show up and gift me their love which I received and it allowed them to see the real struggles that we all have in our lives. 

I like a pretty Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook as much as the next stylist-a but the problem with never showing or talking about the challenges sets others up for unrealistic expectations and it keeps us on the back end from receiving love and support from the people who love us. 💕

It’s important to be seen in the challenges and the wins. Show up, share vulnerably, and let others support you along the way. Yesterday a dear friend helped remind me that as leaders we’re going first and that the work we’re doing is brave and takes a lot of fucking courage! She’s right, it takes a lot of courage to follow your heart and soul. It takes tremendous amounts of strength to move forward not knowing what’s next. I’ve been living this way going on two years now and I know this is just the beginning! To all of the other courageous Brave Babes our there blazing trails, I honor you, I respect you, and I love you deeply. Know that the work you’re doing matters, it’s everything!