Okay so now you've had your spiritual awakening, now what?  Having a spiritual awakening is not a linear process you don't really know you're in one until you've gone out of one. I know for me it took a while to even realize what was happening. It took time to fully understand what was happening. So know that it's totally normal not to have it all figured out.

The thing is you may experience multiple levels of awakenings. You'll definitely go through periods of expansion & contractions along the way... this is part of growth. You'll go through major shifts or evolutions of growth, you may even change the way you see certain ideas or notice beliefs about certain topics change.  Everyone's path is unique & will look completely different than someone else's, don't judge your path.

What I can tell you is that the more you embrace your own path, the more change you allow, and the less you can attach to the outcome of those changes the smoother it will go. Listen to your intuition and guidance, and try not to resist it, it will make the growth spurts an easier to grow into.

I can tell you, finding support & a tribe of like-minded people along the way can be extremely helpful. When I first learned about my intuitive gifts I joined a psychic-medium development group and learned the fundamentals of my gifts & how to develop them. Eventually, I hired a mentor & a coach to help me navigate the challenges that surrounded my spiritual path & the growth spurts that came with it. Much of my time was spent learning, practicing, and developing my gifts.

Along the way, I developed my own spiritual practice and I soaked up as much information as I could about what I was experiencing. I've always been a seeker and so figuring it all out became a fun adventure for me. Over time I learned how to connect to my own intuition, learned to listen to my guides, and trust the information I was being given. It took time and a lot of practice. Now after 5 years of practicing I've learned not to question it. I just trust and then decide if and how much I'm going to resist what they are asking me to do. lol

Much of our lives we're taught not to trust ourselves but it wasn't always that way. If you think about it, when you were very little you came into this world knowing exactly what you needed and weren't afraid to ask for it! What I mean is when you think of a baby, a baby will cry until it gets exactly what it needs... be it love, food, sleep, etc. We have no problem asking for what we need when we are little.

However, somewhere along the way, we start to learn that it's not safe to trust ourselves. We're told that we shouldn't climb that tree or talk to that person because it's dangerous, we're taught to raise our hand to go to the bathroom. We spend most of our lives being told what to do, what time to do it, and where to be. It's no wonder we don't know how to trust ourselves once we become adults.

We don't trust ourselves in relationships, we don't trust our choices, and we definitely don't trust our intuition.

So like I said, learning to trust yourself, your intuition, and the guidance you're being given is huge & takes practice. Being on a spiritual path isn't easy, not gonna lie but once you're on it there's no turning back. You can't unknow what you know and what's waiting for you is a grand adventure that you never could've imagined. 

Your number one job on the spiritual journey is to listen to your guidance, trust that guidance, and take action based on that guidance. Even when it doesn't make any sense, even when your head is telling you it's a bad idea.  Trust me there will be many times when you're gonna want to resist but I've come to learn that what we resist the most is what we also need the most.

So my friend here are the 6 STEPS TO MOVE YOU FORWARD along your spiritual path...

1. Develop a spiritual practice 

Creating a regular spiritual practice can be a great way to help you connect to your intuition. I'm not here to tell you what that practice should look like but I will say creating one will help you each day as you move forward.

2. Connect to your intuition and guidance

There are so many ways to connect to your intuition and receive guidance.  find a way that works best for you. I myself connected in a number of ways,  I'm someone who likes a lot of variety so I switch it up based on how I'm feeling. Some of the ways I like to connect are through journaling, meditating, going for walks in nature,  auto writing, pendulum work, and animals to name a few.

3. Trust

There's no great way to explain how to trust other than to just take action on the guidance you are given. The more you listen to it the more you act on it and the more you see it's the right move for you the more you learn to trust it.

4. Find like-minded people

Having a tribe of like-minded people is key to being on a spiritual path. Not all the people in your life understand [ that's ok btw] or even be able to relate to what it is you're experiencing so finding like-minded people will help you feel more at ease with your newfound experiences.

5. Get support

Whether it be through a group or a mentor or a coach have someone that can support you along the way. Having someone that can help you navigate through your journey can be so powerful. I believe in empowering people and I believe that they'll get to where they're meant to be regardless but when you can have someone there alongside you helping you to understand what's happening it sure makes it a lot easier. especially when you're experiencing things that aren't exactly what you're accustomed to.

6. Again trust

I'll say it again just because it's that important trust the guidance you were given. Learning to trust your intuition takes practice, the more you do it the easier it will become. When you can trust your own guidance there's no need to get external validation anymore. There's no need to question if what you're doing is the right thing because you'll have grown to know that the guidance you're being given is right for you.

Happy Spiritual Journey xo- laurie marie