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No, I'm not talking about going to your room grounding, I'm talking about the get right in your body, center yourself, and your energy type grounding.

You may be thinking "why would I need to ground myself?" Grounding helps get you prepped for the day. Also helps keep unwanted energy from coming at yeah and just gets you off to a great start! Below are a few simple tips to get cha grounded and ready for the day!

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Burn Out Is Not A Badge Of Honor

Somewhere along the line, I lost sight of what matters to me most. I forgot to connect back to myself the last few months and as a result, I fell back into the patterns that keep me small, make me want to stay under the covers and hide from the wall... Ever since I was a teenager I've been pushing, forcing, and struggling to make things happen... but I've done that and I know where that leads (burnout + unhappiness). I'm doing things differently this time around...

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