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SEEING BEAUTY SESSIONS EPISODE 13: Scarred & Beautiful with Piper Garner

Recently I interviewed Allison Garner, we met in a coffee shop and she told me her story and shared a bit about her daughters story and that Piper would be a great fit for the podcast. I’ll admit at first I was a bit hesitant having such a young girl on the show however after meeting with Piper and hearing the work she’s doing to heal at such a young age I found it to be an important story to share. At the young age of 12 Piper found herself going through severe depression, losing friendships, and she began to cut herself as a way to attempt to feel “something”. On this Episode of Seeing Beauty Sessions Piper shares her story of years of self-harm, getting help, healing, and finding purpose in her young life. This is an episode every young person and parent needs to hear. Some of the things she revealed to me I had no idea teens of today are faced with, it’s an eye opening real raw moment with Piper and I’m so grateful she was willing to share her experience with all of us.

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SEEING BEAUTY SESSIONS EPISODE 12: Learning To Cope with Allison Garner

Allison Garner is sharing it all on the podcast today. Allison grew up in a home where she was often left alone and grew up with an alcoholic mother and narcissistic father so food became her friend and emotional eating became the way she learned to cope as she grew up. In her twenties she picked up drinking as a way to deal until one day she found herself in her thirties and barfing in the family mini van at a Packer Game. After that she knew it was time to take control of her life and find new ways to cope. Find out how Allison turned it all around and how she’s using her life experiences to help others in a powerful & transformative way!

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