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Seeing Beauty Sessions Podcast: Episode 9 Healing Sisterhood Wounds with The Ladies of FemPowered Tribe

Today’s guests are here to talk about healing sisterhood wounds which many of us have experienced throughout our lifetime. Jillian & Alanna have come together through their personal journey’s to create the FemPowered Collective. A community of women coming together to be witnessed, healed, & celebrated. Join us today for their powerful stories of how their two journey’s led to one powerful mission.

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My Interview with the Lovely Ladies of Fempowered Tribe!

This past Friday I was featured as a guest speaker with the lovely ladies of FemPowered Tribe! Alanna Lousie & Kristen Brenkus were so kind to have me come on and share what I do, tips on how to hire your next photographer and why it's important. I also shared a bit about my story for the first time in a live interview! It was really empowering and exciting to see how far I've come in my journey and here I am talking about how I myself have turned my own pain into purpose. 

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