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SEEING BEAUTY SESSIONS EPISODE 7: The Journey of Learning To Listen To My Heart

Following your heart is a courageous act. It requires you to go against the grain, to pave your own way, to ignore what society, your friends, and family may want you to do. I spent most of my life being a people pleaser, always trying to be the good girl, not make any waves, to keep everyone happy and living that way depleted me. I was keeping others warm while setting myself on fire until I decided it was time to make myself a priority and listen to my own hearts calling. This is the journey of me learning to listen to my own heart.

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Burn Out Is Not A Badge Of Honor

Somewhere along the line, I lost sight of what matters to me most. I forgot to connect back to myself the last few months and as a result, I fell back into the patterns that keep me small, make me want to stay under the covers and hide from the wall... Ever since I was a teenager I've been pushing, forcing, and struggling to make things happen... but I've done that and I know where that leads (burnout + unhappiness). I'm doing things differently this time around...

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