What is Spiritual Awakening?

spiritual awakening

What Is A Spiritual Awakening?

A spiritual awakening is a process by which an individual becomes more aware of themselves and the world around them. It can sometimes be referred to having a “sense of oneness” to all things in existence. It is a shift in consciousness, no longer living from a place of unconsciousness but living in a much more heightened state of awareness and mindfulness.

Personally, I believe that as souls we go through various lessons and the things that have happened to us have actually happened for us and we are then to heal our wounds and move through them to go onto help others in similar situations.

In my life,  I’ve experienced many divine storms from sexual trauma to emotional & physical abuse to teen pregnancy. From single motherhood to leaving an unhealthy marriage after 10 years, to moving across country almost a year ago, and starting my life and business over. These experiences have prepared me to use my gifts and have made me stronger. I believe it is now my job to take what I’ve learned along the way and help others. These lessons if you will, were the prerequisites of sorts to my mission. The things I had to experience in order to help others who struggle with similar issues.

Healing my traumas and learning to love myself, I believe, is what led me to my spiritual awakening. Everyone’s timing and process of awakening is unique to the individual. There are many ways in which you can experience your awakening.

Mine happened over 4 years ago in the Dominican Republic in front of 60 strangers. I was there for a photography workshop, At that time I thought that everything that I was and who I was was wrapped up in my identity as of photographer.

During this Workshop, I ended up with one of the worst sunburns of my life the biggest cold sore I've ever had and I felt worse I ever felt about my body after living for over a decade hating my body I finally came to the realization that it was time to make myself a priority. In this decision-making process, it opened me up to my Spiritual Awakening. I began down a path of learning to love myself and heal past trauma and as a result if put me on a path of self-discovery and self-awareness.

This journey of self-discovery open me up to personal growth and development and the more I learned the more I healed and the more I became aware. two years into my Awakening I also discovered my gifts, my gifts of being a psychic medium and an empath. that I learned about my gifts I work on holding them developing them and trusting them.  this path also led me to discover my life's purpose and Mission to help women be seen, to trust themselves and their intuition and bring their gifts forward into the world.

The path of Spiritual Awakening is different for everyone there's no right or wrong way to get there, some never get there I believe it is through our experiences and soul growth that we begin to open up to our Awakening. in making myself a priority and healing the past I open myself up to a world of consciousness, to a world where I could no longer hide from myself, my behavior or patterns into a world of compassion empathy and forgiveness for myself and others along the way.  

 22 signs that I experienced during my spiritual awakening.

If you have just woken up, think you are waking up,  or have been awake for a while & need some guidance and direction I'd love to support you. Please feel free to email me at hello@lauriemarie.com for more information on how I can support you in learning to trust your magic & help you navigate thru your awakening.