[Photography for Every Body]

What If Being Photographed Could Be Fun or Even Healing?

For many people, being photographed can feel very confronting, it can bring up all of our insecurities, and feelings of not enoughness. Often times past experiences of being photographed may not have been stellar, or our own beliefs about ourselves can leave us feeling vulnerable to being seen.  

May I invite you to be open to the possibilities of something different & take another look?

As an Intuitive Photographer + Coach I not only guide you through the entire process, from the first call to the final hugs goodbye but I see more, something deeper. I see the beauty that lies on the inside, past the fear, past the insecurities, and past the nervousness.

I see YOU and it's in this seeing that I'm able to bring forth your inner light, your soul if you will...  I have a unique ability to bring out the essence of a person & work with you to create a comfortable and safe space for you to be you. 

What is Body Positive Photography?

Body Positive Photography is photography for every body regardless of shape, color, or size. I’ve got a strong belief that every body deserves to look and feel amazing regardless of what the scale says. I’ve struggled for decades to love and accept my own body so I know the challenges. I spent almost two decades hating my body and five years ago I set out on a journey to love and embrace my so called “flaws” and did so successfully. I now help other women heal through coaching & photography. So know that when I’m your photographer, there is no judgement, no shaming, & no preconceived notions of how I expect you to show up. I believe that every BODY is deserving to feel beautiful and my mission in this lifetime is to help every soul I touch see their own beauty.

Your only job during a session is to have fun + enjoy the ride, leave it up to me do the rest!

I work with you in a co-create process to bring together the look, feel, & style that feels most like you. Every session is unique because you are unique and I customize the session specifically to who you are, no cookie cutter anything here! Whether you want to do a sexy boudoir session to celebrate yo bad self, a beautiful portrait session, or branding photography, I've got ya covered!

Welcome To a Whole New Experience Being Photographed!

“The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.”


Step 1: SWIPE RIGHT OR LEFT...are we a match?LOL

Book a call or apply to see if were a good fit. Well spend around 30-40 minutes on our call and see if were a good fit. In any relationship it's important to make sure your right for each other so this first opportunity will help us both determine if were a match made in heaven or if someone else may be a better match.  So let's get on a call & see if I'm the photographer for you! We'll discuss your needs, desires, & I'll walk you through the process of how I work and what to expect. If it feels yummy for the both of us we'll take the next step!

step 2: Book Your Session

Once you're session is booked and the deposit is made we'll discuss brand strategy, outfits, clothing, location, and all of the other juicy details that go into a shoot. I help you style the session from top to bottom as well as discuss hair & makeup options and answer any other questions or concerns that might come up. You'll be able to choose your experience, let's connect, & get giddy over all the deliciousness you're about to step into!


The details have been discussed, everything is set, now it's time for the big day! Your ONLY job on this day is to have FUN! That's it, I mean it! No really, now it's time to have fun, relax, and let me take care of you. Today is about celebrating, pampering, & loving on you!