Personal Branding Photography


Personal Brand Photography is a mixture of lifestyle, photojournalism, portraiture, & product photography created to communicate your personal brand. Your personal branding images are created with the intention of making a meaningful heartfelt connection with your audience. It’s a personalized stylized session for you, to express your unique personality, soul, and all of the magic that makes you you, and what it feels to work with you.

As an entrepreneur or influencer you need a constant stream of images for print, social media, advertising, & marketing. Having images that represent you authentically Makes all the difference!

Your brand is the face of your company. It's the soul of your business and often times it's the first interaction people have with you. Having photography that connects to your audience on a heart level can make all of the difference in your business. Having images that speak to your soul mate clients will not only elevate your business but it will leave your peeps feeling as though they know you. Think of all of the places you need photography in your business, social media, blogs, ads, marketing, promo pieces, your website, there are soooo many places. Don't just have any o'l images, have images that speak to the heart. 



Passion . Belief . Compassion . Connection . LAUGHTER . UNDERSTANDING . Play . Love . Fun . Beauty . Light-heartedness . EMPATHY . INTUITION . Style . Celebration . Music . A Whole Lotta Heart . Joy + ABOVE ALL Magic!




Photography is one of the key elements in building a powerful brand. Often times it's the first connection you're making with your soul mate clients. 

  • Connecting You With Your Audience

  • Creates Brand Loyalty & Brand Identity

  • Builds Your Following & Trust Leading To More Sales

  • Creates Engagement

  • Sets You Up As The Expert

  • Healing & Builds Confidence

  • Evolve Your Brand As You Grow

  • Tells A Heartfelt Visual Story of Your Life

  • Evokes The Emotions You Want To Convey

  • Let’s Your Soulmate Clients In On Your World

  • Saves You Tons of Time On The Back End

  • Never Run Out of Quality, Professional, Images To Use of Yourself

  • Create Months of Image Content In One Day



[ from the first call to final hugs goodbye ]

Step 1: SWIPE RIGHT OR LEFT...are we a match?LOL

Book a call or apply to see if were a good fit. Well spend around 30-40 minutes on our call and see if were a good fit. In any relationship it's important to make sure your right for each other so this first opportunity will help us both determine if were a match made in heaven or if someone else may be a better match.  So let's get on a call & see if I'm the photographer for you! We'll discuss your needs, desires, & I'll walk you through the process of how I work and what to expect. If it feels yummy for the both of us we'll take the next step!

step 2: Book Your Session

Once you're session is booked and the deposit is made we'll discuss brand strategy, outfits, clothing, location, and all of the other juicy details that go into a shoot. I help you style the session from top to bottom as well as discuss hair & makeup options and answer any other questions or concerns that might come up. You'll be able to choose your experience, let's connect, & get giddy over all the deliciousness you're about to step into!


The details have been discussed, everything is set, now it's time for the big day! Your ONLY job on this day is to have FUN! That's it, I mean it! No really, now it's time to have fun, relax, and let me take care of you. Today is about celebrating, pampering, & loving on you!



[express your unique style]

Photography Unique + Stylized To You!

You, your style, and your brand are unique to you. Images evoke emotions and you allowing yourself to be seen is one of the biggest factors in your dream clients getting to Know, Like, + Trust You. Their first interactions with you typically are happening through your website and social media so the feelings that come through your images plays an important role in calling in & connecting to your soulmate clients!

Part of the experience I walk you through is discovering/understanding what your personal style & brand is and bringing it all together to create images that reflect your personality & style. I take you through a process where I discover your personal style, develop a Pinterest board of inspiration to help inspire you when selecting outfits. Then on the day of I bring my background & years of styling experience to the party to help you refine your look. It's like having your own personal stylist & photographer in one! We'll work together to co-create a look and feel that's totally unique to you & your brand!

Together I work with you to understand what your soulmate clients to feel when they first lay eyes on you as well as creating a look and style that's unique to you! I help you create the look & feel, decide on wardrobe, stylize the images we create and decide on locations. It's a co-creation process to create a look and feel that's totally unique to you!

I'm a big believer that there is no such thing as competition if you're being authentically you. You are the only you, so no one else can be you. I believe that as entrepreneurs we're like birds putting our call out to other birds like us. Those soulmate clients are going to be drawn to you as long as you're being you! I can show you how with over 10 years of styling experience + working with hundreds of women I can help bring out your most authentic self!

For the seasoned Influencers & Entrepreneurs I work with you to co-creatively to help you elevate to the next level of your brand. Regardless of where you are whether you're a newbie or a seasoned veteran my mission is to help you get to the next level of your business.


Above: Pinterest board of inspiration created for Jeannie's Session Below: Actual images + outfits created for her session.



Expert Hair + Makeup

I work with some of the most talented and top artists in the industry. Every artist I work with has the same beliefs and values when it comes to enhancing your natural beauty, not covering it up. We work together to co-create a look thats all of you! We celebrate what your momma gave you! You're meant to be seen, not be covered up! If you choose to have hair + makeup, I assure you these women are just as dedicated to celebrating your natural beauty as I am.  

Wanna be part of the team? Send an email to


  • You hate laughter & fun

  • You take yourself & life far too seriously

  • You're mean or controlling

  • You don't think you're worth celebrating

  • Perfection is your middle name

  • You don't think you look good unless you've been photoshopped like crazy

  • If FaceTune is your best friend

  • You don't want to build your platform


  • You're ready to look like an expert in your industry

  • You are ready to share your gifts and let your soulmate clients see you!

  • You're ready to call in your soul mate with incredible images that truly reflect who you are!

  • To create heartfelt connections with your audience

  • You want to take your business branding & social media to the next level!

  • You're ready to feel confident, empowered, & sexy

  • You're ready to invest in yourself & radiate in your beauty

  • You're ready to experience something different in a photography session

  • You don't believe your photogenic

  • You've never had a good photographic experience

  • You've never felt like yourself in images

  • Want to celebrate the shit our of yourself!

If This Feels Like A Good Fit Then I'd Love To Hear From You & Discuss How We Can Make Magic Together!