Brave Babe-12 Week Bootcamp

Makeover your life and business


This 12-week group program bootcamp series for BRAVE BABES™ is for those who want to make series change in their LIFE & BUSINESS going into the New Year! I know I know let’s not make time go faster right?! But what better way to prepare for the New Year than to start getting organized and cleaning house in Fall! Each week we’ll dive into a new challenge to makeover your life & business and by the time this things over you’ll be ready to dive into the holidays & the New Year with more confidence & more structure in your life + business than ever before! You’ll know exactly what your next steps are and how to create from a place of inspired action!

Experience your life in a way you’ve never experienced before!

Get organized in your life and your business

Make room for your life & maybe even make a bit of extra cash along the way

Feel the freedom of knowing exactly where things are and how do use them in your life and your business.

Feel confident and organized in what you’re doing in business & creating what you are desiring in your life

Feel like you’ve got a handle on your business, instead of it handling you

Show up for your clients in a way like never before because you know what you’re doing and have the confidence to do it & know how to deliver it

Experience your life in a way you’ve never experienced before

Learn to let go of what’s not serving you and then do it

Have a new found freedom in being unattached to things & outcomes



💕 Weekly challenges

💕[12] 90 minute recorded group calls via Zoom [All calls will be recorded so don’t fret if you need to miss one]

💕 Voxer support in between calls [Voxer is an app that we can communicate back & forth on, kinda like walkie talkies]

💕 Receive support from a loving tribe

***Bonus Cash Infusion Call Recording***

GENERAL OUTLINE: [May shift slightly based on the needs of the group]

Physical Space

In order to get creative, feel connected to ourselves & our inner wisdom as women we need to have our physical spaces in order. I’m not talking about perfectionism, I’m talking about creating some freedom in our physical space so the day to day things aren’t sitting there screaming at us. You see as women we have diffused awareness so if there is a mess around us we have a difficult time focusing because all we can think about is the mess. Day after day, week after week, all of the little messes pile up on us and it can leave us feeling overwhelmed and then we shut down. When we create space for ourselves in our psychical world, especially if we are working from home & have some structures & systems in place, our lives & businesses run a lot smoother!

So throughout this process I’ll be giving you challenges & intuitive guidance to help you create space in your life & business. Along with setting up structures & systems in your business to help you work smarter, not harder. It’s a total makeover of your life & business.

Week 1: Papers

Week 2: Books/Magazines

Week 3: Clothes

Week 4: Misc/Home Goods

Week 5: Images

Week 6: Setting up systems 

Emotional Space 

I felt we’d start with the physical space first because I know it can be difficult jumping into the emotional well but half way through we’ll be diving into the deep end of the pool to help you clean up & learn to manage your emotional space which btw is the foundation of everything that is YOU! This is the most important part. If we don’t have this cleaned up, it doesn’t matter if our psychical space is in order because self-doubt, low self-worth, feelings of unworthiness, or poor boundaries will stop us in our tracks. In this 12 weeks were going to help you bust through the stuff that’s been getting in your way and help you begin to shift your emotional space for good and help you create a system of support.

Week 7: Desires

Week 8: Relationship to Self

Week 9: Relationships to Others

Week 10: Boundaries 

Week 11: Building Your Tribe

Week 12: Support 



  • You’re ready to take control of your life & business

  • You’re ready to make this business thing legit

  • Ready to feel confident about what you’re doing in your business

  • You’re ready to generate in your business

  • Ready to go into the New Year with clarity around your business & your desires

  • Ready to take action and makeover your life & business

  • You’re ready to kick procrastinations ass to the curb

  • You want to keep dreaming about your business but not take action to make your dream real

  • You are trying out for an episode of Hoarders

  • You enjoy living in chaos

  • You don’t believe living your dreams is possible

  • You don’t want to do the work

  • Don’t wanna create the life of your dreams

  • You’re happy hanging out in your comfort zone

Early Bird Ends september 24th

This program is easily valued at over [$3,600], however I wanted to make it super affordable for anyone who’s ready to makeover their world and this program was very much divinely guided from start to finish. I wanted to make it a no brainer for 10 incredible souls ready to take action and get control of their lives & businesses! To feel amazing in their psychical, mental, and emotional space and to have the confidence to know exactly what to do in their business!



[Ends September 24th]



2 payments of $244


[Cart Closes Sept. 30th]



3 payments of $285


💕 Limited to 10 people 💕


Bonus Call: 90 Minute Cash Infusion Call To kick things off Sept 22!