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There is a stirring in all of us...


A nudge, a whisper, a calling deep within our souls that's calling us to the adventure. Have you felt it? Has it been whispering? Have you been feeling as though your soul is calling you to something new, something bigger, something unfamiliar? Well, that's because it is.

Your soul is calling you to the adventure!

We all have a divine path that we've chosen to walk and our higher self, our soul knows we were born to go on the adventure but our small self-resists... Big Time! Our fear tells us we'll get hurt, that we won't be safe, we'll be abandoned, judged and rejected. It tells us we'll end up alone if we dare step out.

None of this could be further from the truth and yet it's what stops us in our tracks. It's what keeps us living in our comfy [sometimes not so comfy] lives.

Fear is what keeps us in the relationship for far too long, keeps us in the soul-sucking jobs, keeps us on the cycle of working to pay bills, it's what keeps us from growing, it keeps us from feeling our deepest joy and becoming our greatest selves.

It's the reason at times it can feel as though your soul is dying.


You were meant for more!


Your soul is calling you to the adventure!

Now, I get it. Maybe you have been listening, maybe you've felt that you've needed to do something about it for a while, and maybe you've even taken some steps to get there. Does it ever feel like your stuck? Have you ever felt like you know you have to do something but you're not sure what that next right step is or how to take it? 

That's because fear is getting in the way trying to keep you safe, but the thing is fear doesn't know something that I know... You are safe and it is ok to move forward but without support, it can be really challenging to take those courageous steps. Fear also likes to keep us confused, busy, stressed, and overwhelmed so we don't move forward and lets face it, it ain't easy seeing the forest through the trees!

But what if there was a way?!

A way to get so clear, that nothing could stand in your way? What if you had your very own map? Along with all of the tools you needed to get you well on your way? 



Like any adventure... You need certain tools!


Like any great adventure you need certain tools along the JOURNEY.

You need to know where you're going, where you've been, and where you desire to get to the most! The journey can be bumpy without a clear vision of where you're headed and having a guide can help tremendously along the way! Of course having fellow travelers along the way makes the adventure even better! 

That's what I've created here for you! A way to have support along your journey, a way to get the guidance and tools you need to move forward along your path and to do it with other Brave Babes like you! It takes courage to step into the unknown, to go to the places most people have never and will never go and to follow your heart and soul. It takes bravery to say yes to yourself, yes to the adventure and to say yes to what lights you up! Especially since we live in a world that wants to keep you in a box. It's a BRAVE thing to follow your heart and soul and it's an adventure many will say no to and will spend the rest of their lives having regrets over. 

Regrets that they didn't take a chance, that they didn't explore their own hearts and souls, that they didn't say yes to themselves!

As Dr. Wayne Dyer says... "Don't die with your music still in you."

laurie marie

It's one of my favorite quotes and it's such a powerful statement, don't die with your music still in you! Ugh! So good! We all have magic within us and it's those gifts that we are to bring into the world. Now you may be wondering who I am and why you should be listening to what I have to say... I'm Laurie Marie and I'm someone who's not only been there done that but I'm living it every single day. Not only am I living my purpose everyday but I've been on a journey of following my heart and intuition for over the past 5 years now and let me tell you the adventure is more than I could've ever imagined!

It brought me around the world and back again, its brought me to California where I declared what I desired in a partner and it brought him to me ten days later. It's grown me in ways I never thought I'd grow, it brought me on a journey of self discovery where I learned to love myself and my body after gaining 100lbs after sexual trauma. It's helped me grow as a person, feel empowered, and more confident than I have in my entire life and has helped me to navigate my own challenges with more ease.

Following my heart & intuition has guided me to discovering my own gifts and has enabled me to understand my purpose in life and now I help others understand theirs. Yes, the universe has way cooler plans than I've ever had for myself and I know they've got incredible plans for you too! If you want to know more about me you can read the juicy details in the bio



I'm a brave babe & if you're here, I know that you're one too!


Will you say yes to the calling?!

Now, I've got an idea of what you might be thinking... You know there's more for you, you know your heart & soul is saying YES YES YES but then your mind kicks in and tells you all of the reasons why you shouldn't do it, why it's not smart to do it, why if you do this others will judge you, why it's not financially responsible.

Yes, your brain is soooo good at talking you out of things. Remember all the things you wanted to try and didn't because there was always some reason not to... Well, there'll always be a million reasons not to do something and you know what happens when you take that route, so what if you took a route less traveled?

join me & other amazing BRAVE BABEs™ on the adventure of a life time!?!

What might be possible for you if you made that choice?! Not sure?! Well, I'll give you a hint...

What's possible when you say yes to the adventure:

Learn to Trust Yourself, Your Intuition, & The Universe

Understand Yourself On A Deeper Level

Learn what your gifts are, how to develop them, & learn the importance of energy management

Discover your purpose and get a clear vision of the road ahead

Learn Tools to Develop Your Intuition & Skills to Help you Navigate Fear

Gain confidence, direction, and receive support from a soul tribe of other BRAVE BABES™!

Feel more empowered than ever before and have the confidence to go after what you want outta life!

Understand how your purpose relates to helping others in the world.

Find Your Soul Tribe: A community of like minded people who are just as open and loving as you are and who will walk the path alongside you.

Have a clear vision & touch stones to help you hold strong to your vision

Have a safe space to share your fears & desires within a loving community of like minded BRAVE BABES™

You'll get in touch with your own intuitive guidance to uncover the places that are difficult to see up until now.

Learn that fear ain't got nothing on you!

And this is just the beginning...



You're Just ONE Yes Away FROM A Braver More Confident You!

On this journey we'll be exploring the inner workings of your beautiful heart & soul, we'll dive into your deepest desires, help you discover your gifts & learn how to develop them. I'll help you learn new tools and skills to navigate the rough patches as well as give you a clear map of your vision.


All of those things that you've been desiring to do but haven't done, or that you've said no to won't go away- and neither will the fear of doing those things. Although with the right tools and know-how you'll be able to navigate those murky waters more quickly & with more ease. You'll have the confidence to follow your heart and trust yourself. You'll no longer stay in that soul sucking job or stay in toxic relationships that you know aren't good for you. You'll no longer experience the levels of stress, overwhelm, and anxiety you may be experiencing now because you'll start to understand that you're not alone on this journey.

You'll have the confidence to do the things that scare you and allow yourself to be seen.

You'll end the cycle of self-sabotage and you'll be able to start to identify what's stopping you and move forward regardless. Your world will open up to new possibilities and this expansion of your heart will bring in more abundance, more love, more connection, and more clarity. By you saying YES to yourself and YES to the adventure you'll be ready to take on the things that have scared you in the past. You'll be able to begin to recognize the stories, patterns, and beliefs that have kept you feeling stuck that have kept you small and that continue to keep you in that [not so comfy place.]

You'll have more freedom, more confidence and feel empowered to take on any challenge that comes your way!

Not to mention you'll have a better understanding of your gifts and how to use your super powers for good! You'll learn the key to the kingdom lie within you and why it's oh-so-important to put yourself first and fill your love tank up first! You'll learn how to communicate your needs more and get more of what you want without having to put walls up or shut people out. Saying YES to the journey is just the beginning of what is possible for you.

Saying YES to the adventure is just the beginning!

General Outline of THE journey into your beautiful heart.

* This is a general outline of what we'll cover in the group.

A survey will be provided to see where each BRAVE BABE™ is on his or her journey & we'll customize it to suite the needs of the entire group.




So here's in general how it will go down... You'll come to the group with one specific area you want to shift in your life. Maybe you wanna know where to go next in business or how to create more peace in your life. Maybe you're looking to leave a relationship or maybe you want to find love? Perhaps you're ready to finally feel good in your own skin. Whatever the thing is that's calling you, it's the thing you'd like to see shift the most. 

We'll dive deep and help you create a clear vision & roadmap for the adventure ahead!

You'll receive support from other Brave Babes™ as well as learn how to best support yourself through the journey.

Session 1: Intuition, Energy, & Self-care

Learn to connect, listen and allow your intuition be your guide. When you have an understanding of how to connect & make it part of your daily practice, you'll never have to wonder what you're next step is. Learn how maintaining your energy & self-care routine is critical & has everything to do with the adventure.

When we don't fill ourselves up first we end up feeling depleted, overwhelmed, anxious, and stressed- we don't show up as our best selves and it can lead us to act out in patterns & behaviors that don't serve us or the people around us. Exploring the various ways to maximize & manage your energy can help!

Discover how to develop your intuition and enhance your ability to connect. We're all intuitive creatures and we all have the ability to connect. Discover the vast ways to connect to yourself, spirit, and to the universe. When practiced, you'll develop a life-long relationship to yourself & your intuition & you'll always know your not alone!

Session 2: Build Confidence & Learn To Navigate Challenges

Discover how to build your confidence, empower yourself, and learn whats been holding you back thus far. Often times we believe we need confidence before we do the thing, but the truth is we gain confidence by doing the thing first! Easier said than done, I know, but with the tools & skills I'm going to share with you, you'll learn how to navigate good old fear when it comes around for a visit. You'll have a belt full of tools you can use to help you move forward regardless of what your brain's trying to talk you out of.

Session 3: Creating Your Vision

Dive into your deepest desires. Learn why willingness is everything when it comes to receiving & how to practice it. We all have desires, whether we want to admit them or not. This session is all about exploring those desires & beginning to dive into how we wanna feel. Then we'll start to work on creating your vision & bringing it to life to help you start believing that it's possible for you.  When you can visualize and feel into your vision you'll begin to have a clear understanding of where you're going. Maybe your desire is to be in a new healthier body, maybe you want to call in your soulmate, perhaps you're desiring to leave your corporate job and pursue your passion for the arts. Whatever the desire, I'll help guide you to bring it to life!

Session 4: Mapping Out Your Vision

Having a visual you can follow is a key touchstone to holding strong to your vision, especially when you're in a contraction period [a period where fear tries to take over]. In this session I'll be walking you through designing and laying out a roadmap to help with your specific vision. Together we'll get clear on where you wanna go and the steps to get you there.

Session 5: Holding To Your Vision

Having a vision is amazing & it's super important to have touch stones along the way to help keep you aligned with your vision. We'll discuss how to navigate the pitfalls & challenges that come along the way. I'll help you create markers that will help you come back to your vision when you're feeling off the mark. 

Session 6: Supporting Your Journey

Discover how to support yourself along this journey & keep your vision alive! Over the past 5 years I've continuously worked with some type of mentor or coach who knows the road ahead because they've already navigated it for themselves. Having support along your journey is key and having a tribe of people cheering you on along the way is so important. They'll be there to help you remember who you are in times where you forget and need reminding. This session is all about sharing with you where and how to get support on the path ahead. We'll also celebrate how far you've come on this journey of saying YES to yourself & celebrate with your fellow Brave Babes™!




It's Time...Your soul is calling you to the adventure!


It's time to answer the call, my friends! It's time to say YES to yourself and YES to the adventure! It's time to get support and finally do the thing you've been wanting to do! One of my many gifts is an ability to see and hold the vision for people until they can see it for themselves. I help guide you to uncover your vision & to get clear on what's been keeping you feeling stuck. Together we'll help you map out what steps to take next, which will help you get to where you wanna go! 



6- Group Deep Dive Sessions [90 Minute calls on Zoom with replays of all calls, these are jammed packed with goodness & you'll definitely want to listen back!]

1 - 90 Minute Private 1 on 1 Session with Laurie Marie towards the end of the program [To finalize your vision & answer any lingering questions you have about the road ahead]

Voxer Support during call weeks + up to one week after your private session [Voxer is an app which allows you to leave voice messages should you need support between sessions. Receive response back on Voxer within 24 Hours.]

An Invitation to the BRAVE BABE ADVENTURE™ Private Facebook Group [a community of support to share your insights, ah has, excitement, challenges, & love with fellow BRAVE BABES™.] 


I'm only opening this up to 10 Courageous Brave Babes! Once we're full that's it! 


Join The Waitlist & Be The First To Know When The Next Adventure Begins!