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Do you Want To Feel Confident In Your Own Skin?

Confidence is something we often times see in others and wish we had it for ourselves. Some of us think we have it but let me ask you... Do you have the relationship you've always dreamed of? Do you have all the love, connection, & abundance you could ever hope for? Do you love your body? Do you feel sexy + confident to wear anything? Yes, I mean anything and feel amazing?! What about your job? Do you love your job? Are you living your life's purpose? How's your money situation? Do you feel like you could up your abundance game? If any of these areas feel like they can use a boost the reason you may not be experiencing them to the fullest is not feeling ENOUGH.

Feeling not enough is a sickness we women experience and it’s deeply rooted in what we’ve been taught, what we saw growing up, in MESSAGES WE’VE BEEN FED IN SOCIETY.

Yes, our experiences have shaped us into who we are today but that doesn’t have to be our present or our future! Women are rising and it’s time to STOP THE WAR with our MINDS & BODIES. It’s time to shift how we see ourselves. The more we know we’re enough, the more love, joy, abundance, pleasure and awesomeness we allow into our lives. It’s not your fault my love, you’ve had years of programming and patterns that have told you differently but it’s all a lie and we can break the cycle for ourselves & our future ladies! Let’s end the cycle with us! Saying YES to yourself means your little girls don’t have to experience the pain that you have.

It CAN all END with you!


This is how I felt on the inside most of the time but no one else knew it…

This is how I felt on the inside most of the time but no one else knew it…


I used to believe that self-love was selfish and caring for my body was vain. I’d see other people get what they desired, but not me. I often felt victim to my circumstances especially around men & money. I felt completely disempowered.

I'd think "oh that's nice for them", I'd say it with a inner twinge of jealousy but I now know that what we envy in others carries a gift of something we’d like for ourselves. I thought I was pretty confident for the most part, I had my husband, my friends & families love. I had created a business I loved. I thought everything was pretty ok. But it wasn't! 

I Was Telling Myself I was Fine But I wasn’t…

I was people pleasing all the time, putting my needs last, using humor as a way to cope, couldn't say no to people for the life of me, I was afraid to travel by myself, I would shape-shift to fit into my romantic partnerships & friendships. Often times I’d give up on the things I loved to make others happy, I'd avoid asking my boss for a raise (before I had my own business) and when he avoided me for over 6 months I was too scared to confront him... Sure I had confidence (yeah right)... I was not ok...

I used humor as a way to cope and what was even worse, was how I felt about my body. I hated myself and my body, I was at 250 lbs at my heaviest and wished, prayed, fantasized and hoped I'd be given another one. I'd diet all the time, I think I've tried every diet under the sun and oh my god I hated to exercise! Shopping was not fun nor enjoyable for me, I'd usually end up in tears at some point, I'd avoid social situations especially ones that required bathing suits. I was'nt ok... I often fantasized about swapping out my body with bodies that I deemed beautiful & worthy. I was suffering from borderline body dysmorphia, I was not ok…

I was just an observer in my own life...


💖 I didn't know what I liked or what I needed, let alone how to ask for it.

💖 I'd do what others wanted to do even if I didn’t want to.

💖 I didn't know how to ask for or communicate in relationships.

💖 I had no idea what my needs were or how to get them met.

💖 I thought I needed to lose weight in order to be sexy and feel good in my body or to be able to wear clothes I wanted to wear.

💖 I thought I had to do or be something different than I was to get others approval, especially in romantic relationships.

💖 I'd mold and shape myself to be something I wasn't just to be liked & accepted by others.

💖 I settled for less in love at times because it's what I thought I deserved (on an unconscious level of course).

💖 I didn't feel good in my own skin so sex only happened with the lights off and even then I felt uncomfortable being touched.

💖 I didn't trust myself or my intuition.

💖I constantly looked for others to validate or approve my decisions.

💖 Boundaries were non-existent and when I noticed one that needed to be put into place, I didn't know how to make them.

💖 I'd say yes to things when I really wanted to say no. Often saying Yes left me feeling resentful, bitter, frustrated, or angry especially with myself because I allowed it to happen.

💖I’d often feel taken advantage of.

💖I’d avoid any social activities that required swimwear or less clothing.

💖I didn’t allow anyone to take photos of me and if I did I was typically hiding behind someone else.

These are just a few examples of the many ways I wasn't in the driver's seat of my own life.




Saying yes to myself was scary and yet necessary and I know that on the other side of fear is freedom! The freedom to create a life that's bigger and more beautiful than you could've ever imagined! A life where you decide what you want for your life and aren't imprisoned to what others think you should do, be, or have. A life on your terms where you have the confidence to go after anything you desire! A life where you know what you want and know how to get it. A life where all you see is possibilities and no longer see just problems. 

I don't have to pretend anything anymore + neither do you!

I feel confident & free to express myself fully. I love my body + I know who I am, what I want & more importantly how to ask for it! I want the same for you my friend. Open yourself up to the possibilities, what if you gave yourself permission? These are some of the things that changed for me… what might change for you?

What's possible for you when you say YES to yourself...

  • Experience more travel, adventures, and play into your life!

  • Create more abundance, more love, more connection!

  • Overcome social fear

  • Get the love you desire + deeper more meaningful connection

  • Empower yourself for success

  • Stop people pleasing and start giving from a more authentic place, a place that lights you up!

  • No more playing small, you’ve got a BIG life to live!

  • No more living in the background of life, you become the leading lady in your own life

  •  Wear the clothes you've been telling yourself you couldn't wear until you've lost the weight

  • Get the raise you deserve or start the business you've always dreamed of,

  •  Feel more happiness + joy.

  • Attract the love of your life or have deeper connection and intimacy in your current romantic relationship.

  • Stop doubting your greatness + live an awesome life!

  • No more hiding from the camera 

  • Feel amazing & confident in your skin no matter what your jeans size is

  • No more settling in relationships



Discover How To Love & Accept Yourself!


True confidence & feeling sexy begins

when you Say YES to yourself!

Yes! To the woman who gives so much to so many. Yes, to the woman who barely has time for herself to brush her teeth let alone brush her hair + do her makeup. I used to be this woman too, I used to put everyone else's needs before my own and somewhere along the line, I lost myself. It wasn't until I was willing to put myself first that it all changed and I was able to take control of my own destiny and fulfill my own desires & become the confident and sexy woman I am today.

You are the common denominator in your life and if one area of you isn’t ok then the rest is not ok. Feeling unworthy or feeling like your not enough effects all areas of your life. I know it was affecting mine.

It wasn't until I was willing to put myself first that it all changed and I was able to take control of my own destiny and fulfill my own desires and become the confident and sexy woman I am today.


My Mission Is To Support Every Woman I’m meant to work with In Her Journey To Feel


Of Her Own


Everything you told yourself you couldn't have until you lose the weight, or get the degree or you’ll do tomorrow you can have now. We all wait around till someday hoping, praying, saying we can have it later... The truth is later never comes. Who says you have to wait another day? Month? Year? How long have you been waiting to find love or feel good in your own skin? How long have you been putting off asking for a raise? How long?

How long have you been waiting & Hoping for the thing That’s Gonna have you feeling the way you want to feel?

The wait is over my friend, the time is now. That thing that you know you want but you keep telling yourself not now, it's not time. I'll do it later or when I loose the weight... Dear friends, in the words of my professor

"This is not a dress rehearsal, this is your life!" 

It's time to stop wishing and start acting and the first step to having everything you desire is by first saying YES to yourself!

💖 To Feel Confident, Sexy AF, & Get Everything You Want In Life Book A Free Call! 💖



Confidence is sexY, being & ACCEPTING you is even sexier!