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I went from making zero dollars in my business to making $2,800k per month and with the help of Laurie Marie I’m looking to double my income within the next 6 months! Now it totally feels possible!
— B.B.



Do you know you have a purpose in this world but you're not sure where to begin or maybe you've been at the entrepreneurial game for a little while now and need some direction? This is the perfect session for you! Grab your iced mocha latte & let's do this thang! It's a jumpstart to get your business off and running or give it a reboot for those in need of a boost! You'll come out of this session with a clear roadmap & vision along with simple steps to get you there. This is where we take a look at where you're at, where you wanna be, what's been getting in the way, and map & tools to help get you there. This session will give you a clear vision of where you are heading in the next  next 3-6 months.

  • (1) 90 Minute Call via [Phone or Zoom]
  • Intuitive Guidance + Coaching
  • Creative Business & Branding Feedback [I check you out before we meet and see what's happening with your marketing/branding efforts & give feedback as to how to improve]
  • Actionable steps to get you to where you want to go!
  • A Recording of your session [these sessions are jammed packed with goodness so you don't want to miss a thing]

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Needing more 1 on 1 support? 

I offer long term coaching for those who are desiring a more intitmate experience. These mentorship programs typically run 3-6 months. Long term mentorship is filled with support, 



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definition: to be guided or controlled by divine influence... within Inspiration is the word spirit...

The etymology of the word spirit is from the Latin word spiritus. Spritus means breath, courage, spirit or soul. The Latin word for inspiration, the first is inspirata which means literally to breath into. That's what the divine feminine is all about. Courage, allowing, relaxing into and receiving guidance from the divine... In all aspects of life.

Find Your Feminine Flow!

The divine feminine flow does not come from sitting at your desk all day. Nor does it come from pushing chasing or controlling all areas in your life.  When you're living in your Divine Feminine you will no longer have to chase love, hunt down clients, or force yourself to do anything. Feelings of failure, overwhelm, and doing it all alone becomes obsolete. You no longer have to try so damn hard... Sounds nice right?! 

"I encourage all women to experience working with Laurie Marie, it's good for the soul!" -Kelly L