When I first started creating content it took me a while to get comfortable with posting consistently. I'd be all over the place and often times I'd go days or weeks without posting, especially when I was still afraid of being seen. It took me a while to get down a structure and a realistic plan in place for me to commit to. So one day I sat down and created a "Content Commitment" letter, it was an agreement I had with myself to post a certain number of times on various social media platforms. There's something to signing an agreement that made it feel more real. 

It also helped give me direction in what I was posting & how often so I always knew what I was creating next and for which platforms I'd be posting to. This letter helped transform my content creation schedule and from their I started "batching" all of my work. Now I create, schedule, and repurpose content with ease. Download your free "Content Commitment" letter below & try it out, my hope is that it helps you post with ease!

Grab Your Free Content Commitment Letter Below!